Is nautilus ap or ad?

Madisyn Cronin asked a question: Is nautilus ap or ad?
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Video answer: Ad nautilus vs ap nautilus full build fights & best…

Ad nautilus vs ap nautilus full build fights & best…

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AP>AD on him.


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NautilusThink Inc. Nautilus Quarterly is a New York-based online and print science magazine. It publishes one issue on a selected topic each month on its website, releasing one chapter each Thursday. Issue topics have included human uniqueness, time, uncertainty, genius, mergers & acquisitions, and feedback.

Video answer: (one q = one kill!) full ap nautilus is *back*! nautilus "support…

(one q = one kill!) full ap nautilus is *back*! nautilus "support…

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Nautilus advantage definitely drops off late game imo. I like to play the late game with more utility, i.e. just roaming with hook threat to set up vision and peeling for ADC. Usually the lead I build up for the ADC in the early-mid game

AP>AD on him. If you want a damage build that is. Personally I miss old AP Nautilus, it worked great for bullying assassins (it's actually how I started playing Nautilus) then Rito nerfed that...

NAUTILUS AP. Nautilus build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Nautilus Strategy Builds and Tools.

AD Nautilus is very OP! Updated on August 8, 2019 6.9 7

Full AP Nautilus Mid – A Complete Guide. Whenever you see Nautilus on the enemy team, you know that it’s going to be a challenging game. This champion is obnoxious to play against, and he crushes every lane with ease. As a support, he can win the 2v2 with ease and roam everywhere he likes. But in the mid lane, Nautilus becomes the scariest ...

AP Nautilus was viable before the Riptide nerf in season 5. Back then it had 0.5 (0.75/1) ratio which was hell for any melee laner facing it. Now all that power has shifted into his Q which is both unreliable in close situations and clunky to start fights with.

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