Is mc pro hosting safe?

Yesenia Eichmann asked a question: Is mc pro hosting safe?
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No, McProHosting is terrible and I recommend you don't use them. Yes, McProHosting is amazing and I recommend them over any other host. No, McProHosting is terrible and I recommend you don't use them.

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Potentially Safe. The site seems safe according to this report: Website. WOT Trustworthiness. Excellent (88/100) Domain Blacklist Status. Not Blacklisted (0/9) Website Popularity.

Timon.Durand. 5 years ago. The website looks quite nice, but i once ordered from them & their support is horrable! i had to pay to get at least a bit better support, & after that it still sucked. MCPROHosting is bad in my opinion. Helpful.

Setting up your server is fully automatic and can be fully customized for large community servers or servers just for friends. MCProHosting has a great reputation in the community after being in operation for over ten years. Their service is more expensive than most hosting providers, but you can feel assured you are safe using MCProHosting. 1. 2.

Good for MC, and that's about it My partner and I had a great experience with MCProhosting while hosting a minecraft server, but after paying for an ARK server we were sorely disappointed by the continuous issues and the chat agents inability to help.

best. level 1. · 3y. Not sure, but I remember I had some bad experience with them if paying through paypal (the payment page never pops up) Best just get a cloud VM from google or amazon or something and set up your server via java + jar. 2. Share.

The rating of indicates the site is safe or a scam. However, we cannot guarantee that the site is a scam. Many websites look legit but are in fact fake. Before you shop at a site you do not know, check for yourself.

I would recommend you to stick with one of those two, bigscoots or fpsbox, both of them are great hosts. Oh, well the only reason I was thinking of MCProHosting is because they host Guude's MindCrack server, so I thought if he chose that, then it must be really good. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. #7 Nov 12, 2012.

Short answer: No. I would recommend you stay away from shared hosting anyway - a VPS is better. Developer of AntiAura, An Anti-Cheat plugin you should probably take a look at! . Click the image above to play TankDestruction (created by me!) - a fast-paced shooter available on Steam! #2 joehot200, Feb 8, 2015.

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