Is flywheel a vps?

Madalyn Rolfson asked a question: Is flywheel a vps?
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Flywheel's Performance Analysis

So far, these are the best results we've seen… So can the fact that Flywheel is a VPS-based service, while both WP Engine and SiteGround offer shared environments for the plans we covered earlier. Still, these are excellent results.

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Everything you would expect out of a managed WordPress host. When you sign up for Flywheel hosting, your site will be hosted on a VPS. No shared servers here! They’re built with speed and security in mind, so rest easy. First off, I want to start by saying that I am a current customer of Flywheel! In fact this very site is hosted with them.

The results show that Flywheel merits a score of 8.8 compared to, which has 8.1. Similarly, Flywheel exhibits a 100% user rating, on the other hand, has a 100% rating. People who are pressed for time or want a Hosting Services suggestion from our team may want to take a look at these top choices for the current year: ...

Flywheel is an Omaha, Nebraska-based managed WordPress hosting service. Creative agencies and designers will benefit from their simple web hosting service. The company’s website is clean and simple to use, and it delivers all of the necessary information at a glance.

By comparing Flywheel, with a score of 8.8 and user rating of 100%, with Solar VPS, which reflects a score of 7.0 and user rating of 95%, it is simple to check at once which service addresses your situation. You can also check the specs of both products by reviewing elements, among others, platform.

But with Flywheel you can get all of the benefits of a VPS from a well-known managed WordPress host who will take care of your servers for you. Flywheel also leverages 10 server locations, so you can choose a location closest to the source of your traffic. This way your site will load even faster for the bulk of your readers (i.e. if most of your readers hail from eastern Europe the London data center is probably your best bet).

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Managed hosting from Flywheel has its perks all across the board. We mentioned how beautiful the dashboard is, but you also gain access to a wide range of other features such as: Hacker-free security to detect malware and always keep an eye on who’s trying to break your site. A VPS with smooth and speedy performance.

As avid WordPress users ourselves, we appreciate Flywheel's dedication to optimizing WordPress hosting. Flywheel deploys each customer on its revamped cloud platform, meaning each user receives ample computing resources, stability, and security. With instant, automatic scalability, the company's infrastructure is never overcrowded or overtaxed.

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