Is digitalocean good for hosting?

Marco Reichert asked a question: Is digitalocean good for hosting?
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DigitalOcean has quickly become one of the most popular cloud hosting providers, thanks to their cloud servers simplicity, robust and reliable infrastructure, and cheap prices.

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With DigitalOcean you can customize everything yourself. It can be a good thing, but unless you’re an advanced user (as mentioned above), it’s rather complicated and time-consuming. DigitalOcean Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick

Digital Ocean is a very good, known hosting provider, with good up-time and wide offer. You can find cheaper solutions about the pricing, but many of them could be less reliable and don’t offer services, like storage or managed databases.

Hosting website on DigitalOcean’s infrastructure can be a difficult task for some. With a number of complications involved in the direct hosting process, if you manually aim for their droplets, it is going to take a lot of your time.

Hi there! DigitalOcean hosting specializes in cloud hosting for developers. If we compare it with their shared hosting plan. They provide a scalable infrastructure for developers to build websites & applications with fast deployment

If you are looking for a web hosting company that will allow you complete control over your WordPress installation then consider DigitalOcean. Although this option can be costly depending on the plan you choose you get what you pay for.

Opinions from DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean is, according to its users, one of those hosting companies with excellent features that make you feel confident. It has excellent speed and the best quality storage. It stands out for its technical support, with a professional yet friendly team. The prices are also quite good.

DigitalOcean is an American cloud hosting company built with developers in mind. The company was founded by Alec Hartman, Mitch Wainer, Ben Uretsky, Moisey Uretsky, and Jeff Carr and based in New York City. Their goal for SSD (solid-state drive) cloud hosting is simple: provide an easy-to-use platform for clients to migrate their projects to ...

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