Is cps energy only in san antonio?

Saul Vandervort asked a question: Is cps energy only in san antonio?
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Established in 1860, CPS Energy is the nation's largest public power, natural gas and electric company, providing safe, reliable, and competitively-priced service to 840,750 electric and 352,585 natural gas customers in San Antonio and portions of seven adjoining counties.

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CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally owned energy utility providing both natural gas and electric service. We serve more than 840,750 electric customers and 352,585 natural gas customers in and around San Antonio, the nation’s seventh largest city.

CPS Energy (formerly "City Public Service Board of San Antonio") is the municipal electric utility serving the city of San Antonio, Texas.Acquired by the city in 1942, CPS Energy serves over 840,750 electricity customers and more than 352,585 natural gas customers in its 1,566-square-mile (4,060 km 2) service area, which includes Bexar County and portions of its 7 surrounding counties.

We have had CPS Energy in San Antonio for five years. I can only think of one day when the power was out and that's quite an achievement for a company dealing with the seventh largest city in the US that has frequent summer days of over 100 degrees and 2 Million air conditioning units running. Keep up the good work!

Editor's note: San Antonio's municipally owned utility, CPS Energy, is at a turning point. In the four months since Winter Storm Uri left thousands across its service territory without power, CPS ...

In partnership with CPS Energy and with assistance from the American Cities Climate Challenge, San Antonio is focusing on a transition from fossil fuel energy sources to a less carbon-intensive portfolio. The graph below displays the source of San Antonio’s electricity generation throughout the years.

San Antonio Main Electricity Service . CPS Energy- San Antonio area electricity is currently regulated so there is only one electricity company. CPS energy also handles natural gas services for many parts of San Antonio.

“CPS Energy offers proposals in silos, without a clear path connecting the decisions to community needs,” the letter states. “For example, CPS Energy drops hints about the future of the largest carbon polluter in the county, San Antonio’s Spruce coal plant – but provides no analysis or concrete timeline.”

CPS-Energy is owned by the city of San Antonio and municipal owned electric utilities are exempt from state deregulation and private competition. If this a good thing? It's debateable - depending on the price of natural gas. When NG is cheap, like it is now and should remain so for years to come, private energy provider tend to undercut CPS's ...

2 reviews of CPS energy "Fuck CPS. These mother fuckers overcharged me every months. Their representatives were the absolute worst and extremely rude. Fuck CPS. COCKSUCKERS."

CPS Energy Energy Outage Map and Outage Tracker. As the only utility company in the San Antonio area, CPS Energy is responsible for resolving all outages, maintaining the area’s electric infrastructure, and checking residents’ meters. The CPS Energy outage tracking map allows customers to: Report outages; Track the total number of active ...

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Cps energy presents the 'energy-to-business' program