Is cpa in canada worth it?

Isai Swift asked a question: Is cpa in canada worth it?
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Depends on what you want to do. If you want to stay in accounting, then yes it pretty much is a must. No firm will hire you or really consider keeping you if you don't plan on getting your CPA at some point in the near future (Hazard guess is 5 ish years).

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Matt McKeever discusses his experience becoming a CPA in Canada and what value the experience brought to his life.A CPA designation is one of the best teache...

Agreed with the above. Many employers here don't even know what ACCA is. That's a bit surprising considering that there is a strong MRA between ACCA and CPA Canada, I guess it is worth going through the tax and law online course then and earning CPA Canada designation!

You will learn U.S. GAAP and prepare yourself for an American career. It’s also quicker and more cost effective. If you are interested in working and staying in Canada, you should pursue the Canadian CPA program. It’s a prestigious and highly respected designation that prepares you for an accounting career in Canada.

Definitely worth considering. And the Canadian CPA is a pain compared to the US CPA (similar exam difficulty with course work and group projects, plus the 3 year work experience with mandatory audit if you want the "CA" equivalent). 1 level 2

A friend of mine who is a CA, CPA in 2011 advised me to do another MBA in Canada i.e. from the top most universities i.e. Queens, University of Western Ontario and Rotman. But a lot of my family members and extended relatives encouraged me to look into doing the CA, CPA designation. I too personally didn't wan't to do another MBA, i wanted to diversify and do another qualification to supplement the MBA i had completed from my home country.

Conclusion. Based on the assumptions made, the full CPA PREP and PEP journey is going to take just under five years and cost around $23,000. This is pretty accurate with my experience, having started PREP in January 2013 and sitting the CFE in September 2018. If you’re only doing PEP, it’ll be at least two years and cost $12,500.

Most people say yes it is worth it. Yes, it’s worth it if you NEED it for a job that you want. Most CPAs will brag about their personal achievements and tell you that without it, they’d be a homeless crackhead. That’s completely untrue though.

I passed the CPA exam in 2011. So far, no one is very interested or impressed. Although I do have a few hours working for a CPA who is in trouble with the Feds, other than that, it is NOT WORTH IT. Unless you are already in a good position and are being offered a promotion to pass it, FORGET IT.

I get into what led me to accounting, what I do, if the CPA designation was worth it for our family, which path I chose (industry vs public practice) and the...

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What is cpa canada, and is it a good investment?