Is cpa exam reimbursement taxable?

Alene McClure asked a question: Is cpa exam reimbursement taxable?
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Originally Answered: does Big Four or other institution, once they offer the CPA Course reimbursement, do you get tax on that money? Short answer: No, you will not get taxed on that money.

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And also, CPA preparation and exam fees are not deductible because a CPA can qualify another high level position than non-CPA. So the reimbursement is taxable. It is not a gift. If you quit this company and they still provide this reimbursement, this is called a gift.

It is important to note that this has to be reimbursement for an otherwise deductible business expense, which for most accountants a CPA course would be. Some businesses have been known to offer a “bonus” for passing the exam to reimburse you for the time and expense, but a bonus would generally be considered taxable income to you.

Unfortunately, the IRS has ruled on several occasions that CPA review course costs are non-deductible because becoming a CPA is deemed to be starting a new trade or profession. If you are like me, you are probably thinking there has to be some way to deduct these CPA exam application fees and costs.

It's a working condition for manager & above but they only consider people who already have their CPA. But I think this is why you can't expense the cost if you pay for it yourself. It's like trying to deduct a legal degree, since it's not income, no related deduction is permitted.

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CPA Course Fee Deductions for Business According to the Canada Revenue Agency, (CRA) tuition fees paid by a business to an employee are a non-taxable benefit, as long as the employee’s education is directly related to the job and benefits the company in the long term.

Generally, students who enroll in both CPA preparatory courses and CPA PEP courses in the same year, will receive one T2202 tax receipt that reflects all eligible courses taken.

The amount largely depends on the size and location of the firm. You may be able to negotiate the reimbursement of exam fees and review courses as well. These benefits are repayable if you leave the firm within a certain period, typically within one to two years. For small and local CPA firms, you will get a pat on the back.

In the REG CPA Exam, 50% of a candidate’s score is derived from MCQs while 50% is derived from task-based simulations. An exam score of 75 or more is required to pass. Candidates should keep in mind that there are no penalties for wrong answers. A correct answer gains points, no answer gets zero points and a wrong answer gets zero points.

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