Is all rtb programmatic?

Jewell Fritsch asked a question: Is all rtb programmatic?
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Rtb vs programmatic advertising

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RTB only represents a part of programmatic media buying, but unlike what most people believe, both terms are not interchangeable and are two different things. So real time bidding is a form of programmatic buying and means exactly what the name implies: a real time bidding system.

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200ms: the life of a programmatic rtb ad impression

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RTB and Programmatic are not equivalent terms. Think of this basic syllogism: RTB is programmatic but not all programmatic is RTB. Programmatic simply refers to media buying facilitated by ...

Real-time bidding (RTB) is an automated process by which advertisers can place bids, in real time, for specific display ad placements. RTB is a programmatic process, but not all programmatic advertising takes place through RTB technology.

Long answer: RTB is just one of the possible programmatic processes in which media can be bought in online advertising. The term programmatic is not very specific on its own – it just implies that the process is automated, and covers a range of media-buying models, including RTB, private marketplace and programmatic direct.

RTB is just a form of a much bigger technology, which is called programmatic. To understand the logic, imagine a lemon. The lemon is sour. Sour is the taste characteristic of the lemon. However, not everything that is sour is a lemon, right? RTB is programmatic, but not everything that is programmatic is RTB.

So when it comes to comparing RTB vs programmatic, one can say that programmatic is a broader term that includes, but is not limited to RTB auctions. In other words, RTB is one of the many methods used within a vast programmatic landscape. 6 Reasons to use RTB programmatic solutions. RTB is a powerful tool used by many ad tech professionals worldwide.

As we mentioned before, RTB is a type of programmatic media buying model, but it has its own set of unique rules, so to speak. In RTB, advertisers bid against each other in order to win placements being sold by publishers. The bidding can take into account different factors, but the whole process is completed in the time it takes a page to load.

RTB is programmatic, but not everything that is programmatic is RTB [1]. Programmatic Advertising is Bigger Than RTB RTB was the “programmatic” of 2010 because it was a disruptive force in the display ad industry, enabling the first big wave of programmatic buying.

RTB is a part of programmatic advertising, which describes all forms of purchasing ads using technologies for automation and organization. Not all programmatic advertising platforms utilise RTB, however. Some platforms allow publishers to sell their inventories the ‘old-fashioned way’ — a specific period of time and a fixed price.

RTB is the most popular way of buying online media programmatically, allowing billions of ads to be served to Internet users on a daily basis. It is an auction-based bidding protocol in which advertisers compete against each other to display ads to specific users.

RTB is a programmatic buying method. It is part of the process, but it is not all inclusive. This buying model is based on real-time bids ondisplay ad impressions for a given ad space. This happens in a few milliseconds and is possible thanks to Big Data, which allows you to select relevant spaces and audiences.

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How programmatic and rtb works