Is ads or hipfire better?

Rowan Carter asked a question: Is ads or hipfire better?
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When to ads vs hipfire on apex legends guide

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In almost all cases, firing while ADS is more accurate than firing from the hip. Aiming down sights is nearly essential for dealing damage at a distance, especially when the enemy is several hundred feet across the map. The one big caveat to ADS is that it significantly slows movement.

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Aiming technique! hip-fire vs. aiming down sight

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ADS has less recoil but fires slower so if you are worse with recoil or have a slow reaction time, it may help to make your spray more accurate, and to help you correct any mistakes mid spray. ADS is still worse in the long run though, if you are bad with spray, it is better to just hip fire anyways, its better to learn the spray and get muscle memory than to just have a quick fix with downsides.

It’s proved in the same experiment with Groza and Red Dot Sight. The accuracy is higher than Hipfire. ADS Mode With 2x Scope. In conclusion, ADS appears to be more accurate than Hipfire, especially with the target in the medium and long-range of distance. However, Hipfire sometimes can be efficient in certain situations like sudden melee combats.

if their body takes up less than half the hipfire cof, its probably a better idea to ads. although some weapons are much better at hipfiring at range. e.g sirius, blitz, ns7 pdw, tanto. if you want to get headshots, ads is better 2

★ In this Valorant ADS vs Hipfire Guide/Tutorial I will help you learn when to ADS in Valorant and when to use Hipfire to destroy your enemies! I provided yo...

Meaning less hitmarkers.Ofcourse you have to hipfire when Enemies are ver... The answer is YES! ADSing in shotgun gives more bullet spread accuracy and density.

Still, ads can help aiming, since lower fire rate means lower recoil and the zoom helps aim better. NEVERTHELESS it takes time to ads and hip fire is still extremely precise when done well, which is why its recommended not to ADS most of the time.

Prolly hipfire mainly but ads for long distance battles and headshot angles. level 1. havesuome. 5 points · 4 months ago. Cs players won’t be adsing much at first and people from other games will probably be adsing too much. I imagine it’ll come down to preference and how long of a sight line you’re holding. level 1.

I’ve actually found that using hip fire more and mixing it in with ads has made my accuracy better, especially with the r-99 and r-301.

For players coming from a game like CS:GO, non-ADS gameplay will suit them a lot more. It feels a lot more familiar and the positives might even outweigh the negatives for players with precise aim....

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