Is adblock bad for youtube?

Leann Wunsch asked a question: Is adblock bad for youtube?
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Is ad blocking wrong?

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No. Adblock might be good for the individual consumers that are using it, short term. However, longer term, if successful, ad blockers will shape the Internet in a way that will end up hurting consumers.

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Why adblock is bad for youtubers

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Youtube is going to follow the same way as youtube and a lot of big media giants in not allowing adblock completely. Its going to make a lot of people angry, but it will give a lot more money to the creators. You're asking a lot of people, the better option is to ask Youtube to actually start paying their partners for mobile views.

Some people have interpreted this to mean that YouTube may prevent access to the site if you use an adblocker, however, Team YouTube on Twitter stated "To clarify, the "commercially viable" section is not about terminating an account bc it’s not making money / not in YPP. It’s about discontinuing certain features or parts of the service bc ...

Is AdBlock safe?Feb 27, 2014Yes, it totally is. That means AdBlock (and any Chrome extension with that permission) can access your DOM. Adblock cannot access...

Adblock on YouTube: from December 10th everything changes. The new rules clearly state that: ” YouTube may prevent access if it believes, in its exclusive direction, that the provision of the Service for you is no longer commercially viable “ This means that Google, and YouTube, reserve the right not only to exclude users from the video streaming platform, but also to terminate the ...

I’m a total hypocrite. Adblocking is ridiculous. Give back to the creators who work so hard on their videos! But, well, ads are stupid, so I have an adblocker… Whoops. I don’t support it. But I do it. It’s kind of like the every vote matters thing...

Updated material ui 5.0.8 - upgraded ad block deps with embedded videos 5.0.0 - complete rewrite of Adblock for Youtube to be compliant with the Google Extension Webstore Terms 4.8.3 - move to direct imports of adblock filterlists 4.8.3 - updated locales, fixed adblock toolbox dependencies 4.5.0 - removed some unused files and youtube ...

From there, disable the Adblock extension, and close the browser window to allow the changes to take effect. Then, reopen another browser window, and go to Extensions again. This time, toggle the Adblock extension to activate it. Then, just open YouTube and see if any of the videos are working without ads appearing before or after them.

The downside to using YouTube is the advertisements. You may not have to watch a commercial before every video, but it does seem pretty excessive. Fortunately, the best ad blockers for YouTube make it possible to watch videos for hours with nary a commercial to slow you down. AdBlock

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Why browser extensions such as adblock can be dangerous…