Inventor 2018 where are local content center parts stored?

Margret Sporer asked a question: Inventor 2018 where are local content center parts stored?
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  • Content Center files need to be on a central location for all to see. If Inventor is installed and started off working, may run into issues down the road with Content Center components if they are not stored in a common location. A common location could be local machine for a single user of Inventor or on a server location for multiple users.


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👉 How do i add parts to inventor content center?

  1. Step 1: Run the Publish guide. Click Manage tab Content Center panel Publish Part for an active open part…
  2. Step 2: Select Category to publish to and specify options, if available…
  3. Step 3: Map Family Parameters…
  4. Step 4: Define Family Key Columns…
  5. Step 5: Define Family Properties.

👉 Where are the inventor content center files?

  • The default location %USERPROFILE%\\Documents\\Inventor\\Content Center Files\\R20XX\\ has two things that prevent sharing and the other limits it uses to one release of Inventor. The first one is the use of the Users folder. This directory is intended for use by the user logged in on the computer.

👉 How to install content center in inventor?

On the Installer landing page, click Autodesk Inventor Content Libraries, ensure the Autodesk Inventor Content Libraries check box is selected. Click the down arrow to access the libraries. Ensure the libraries you want to install are selected.

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  • Content center file location is one of the following. The default location %USERPROFILE%\\Documents\\Inventor\\Content Center Files\\R20XX\\ has two things that prevent sharing and the other limits it uses to one release of Inventor. The first one is the use of the Users folder. This directory is intended for use by the user logged in on the computer.
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