How to use vps as nameserver?

Noemy Rodriguez asked a question: How to use vps as nameserver?
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How To Set Up Custom Nameservers For VPS

  1. Step One: Decide what nameservers you want to use.
  2. Step Two: Replace WHM To Use Nameservers.
  3. Step Three: Register your custom nameservers.
  4. Step Four: Update your domains to use the new nameservers you have set up.

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Furthermore, you can use the and on the menu so that your domain name server leads to a VestaCP VPS. Completed. After the update servers, then you need to wait for a maximum of 24 hours for the domain point to a VPS. This process is called with Propagation pointing or DNS.

After creating and registering your private nameservers, the last step is to point your domain name to your VPS using these nameservers. In the client area, navigate to your domain and click on nameservers; Once you open the Nameservers link as shown above, an interface for choosing between default and custom nameservers appears.

1) Tell your registrar that your domain uses your hosting provider's DNS servers (from the link I gave you). 2) Tell your hosting provider to use your VPS' IP address for actual host names for your domain. Does that clear things up?

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