How to turn off vps phantom 3?

Marjolaine Kirlin asked a question: How to turn off vps phantom 3?
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Deactivate the positioning sensors on VPS on Phantom 3 Adv/Pro

  1. Pic. 1 – DJI Phantom 3 VPS – Visual Positioning System.
  2. Pic 2 – DJI Go APP.
  3. Pic. 3 -DJI Go APP Settings.
  4. Pic. 4 – DJI GO APP Drone Settings.
  5. Pic. 5 – Activate / deactivate VPS from DJI Go APP.
  6. Pic. 6 – Confirm Disable VPS via the DJI Go APP.

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If using an automated landing mode, you can quickly press and release the RTH button (or toggle the appropriate switch if flying a Phantom 3) on the remote controller to cancel the auto landing when the drone is in sight. That will allow you to take over and manually land the drone.

quasimodo, you'll need to make sure your Phantom is turned on and the DJI Pilot is connected to it before attempting to enable/disable VPS. Toggle signature Buy a Phantom: Buy from DJI | Buy from Authorized Dealer | Buy Refurbished Phantom

With VPS disabled, it is not an issue to fly low over water as long as you're careful. I've done it hundreds of times. Never had an issue of any kind. The problem is that there is no way to disable VPS on the Phantom 4, so it is DEFINITELY an issue with the Phantom 4.

The Phantom 4 has a VPS Module that allows the drone to fly indoors using sonar sensors and under side cameras. The VPS Module allows you to fly up to 30 feet… Can I turn off the Phantom 4’s LEDs? Yes, you can turn off the front LEDs through the DJI Go app.

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