How to start a web hosting business at home?

Lola Purdy asked a question: How to start a web hosting business at home?
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  • Define a web hosting brand
  • Choose the right data center
  • Developing a website
  • Building billing system
  • Start with reseller hosting
  • Local advertising
  • Providing hosting related service (WEB DESIGN,SSL CERTIFICATE)

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In this post, I will explore how to start a web hosting company from your home and do it successfully. So let’s go to the breakdown of the tutorial. Define a web hosting brand. Choose the right data center. Developing a website.

A web hosting business lets you rent acertain amount of space as well as bandwidth for a particular amount of time. So, the decision is all yours to start your own web hosting business at home. It depends on your motivations, technical knowledge as well the amount of work you can handle. Make sure you are ready to devote a significant amount of ...

Reseller Website hosting business expense. The amount you need to start web hosting business depends on your budget. There are packages from $18/Month or lesser. I always advise people to start with the smallest package and they can always upgrade to a higher package once they have many clients. How to start a web hosting business at home

If you are willing to start a web hosting business, bluehost is the site you should consider to start your venture successfully. Bluehost provide exceptional web hosting services that you can use to jump start your business. With professional high-quality web hosting services of bluehost, you have the leverage to grow your business significantly.

If you already have a web design and development business running, selling web hosting to your clients can help spin off your reselling business. In this post, we’ll explore how you as a designer or developer can start a web hosting business offering much more to your customers by simply including a web service and thereby help you retain your market share as well as stay above your competition.

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