How to send letter to cps?

Kevon Greenholt asked a question: How to send letter to cps?
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What can you do with a CPS finding?

  • It shows up on a background check, even if you are appealing it. A CPS finding keeps you for at least 5 years from any paid or volunteer work giving you unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults. This includes volunteering at a child’s school, housekeeping for a long-term care facility, or caregiver jobs. These are just a few examples.

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Give as much information as you can. If you have it, give the child's name and age. You must be able to give an address, including the city and county. Other good information is the name of the parents and a brief and succinct description of what you have seen or suspect.

Send a Certified letter to CPS. If no action was taken from reaching out to your caseworker’s supervisor and you are still having issues with your caseworker, send a certified letter to CPS Program DIRECTOR with the case number/info, case worker name and supervisor’s and advised them of the situation.

Jodi, you can send them a letter requesting access to documents. Sometimes they will agree to letting you go to the office to look at them, or they may agree to make copies. You can ask your attorney (in a letter) to request the entire case file. Some details such as the name of the person who reported you to CPS will be kept private, by law.

When you call the hotline, an operator should ask you questions about the abuse and forward your responses to Child Protective Services. Some states will need you to fill out a follow-up form, but they’ll tell you where to find it on the phone.

After the parent receives these written reports, the parent should send copies via certified mail to the CPS worker handling the case, as well as to the CPS worker’s supervisor. To make sure that the CPS worker and supervisor receive these reports on time, the parent might want to personally (and in a friendly, helpful manner) deliver these reports to them instead.

On October 15, the below letter was sent from the LSCs.4.All Coalition to the CPS Board of Education and CPS leadership regarding LSC Elections 2020, scheduled for November 18 & 19. The LSCs.4.All coalition includes Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, Lugenia Burns Hope Center, Block

After a CPS, DSS or ACS investigation a letter is sent to the party with a determination of indicated or unfounded. If indicated it is very important to challenge the finding as an indicated finding can have a negative on an individual for a significant period of time. This first step is to request an amendment by letter to unfounded.

If the letter you receive states that the report is unfounded, then the matter will be closed and no further action will need to be taken on your behalf. However, if CPS/ACS determines that report that has been made against a subject is founded, you will receive a letter saying the report has been indicated against you.

You should also attach to your letter to OCFS a copy of the memo from OCFS dated September 27, 1988. [A copy is with this document.] The memo is a policy notice that OCFS should not deny late requests because ACS has to prove that they sent the notice within ninety days. This might help to convince OCFS to consider your request. Remember to keep a copy of your letter that

Clean the house. Write a short narrative of what happened to get you involved with CPS while it's still fresh in your mind, try to remember dates and times so you can keep as complete of record as possible. This will save you from having to sit back and think about it, or to have to try to figure it all out later..

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