How to make bass in vps avenger?

Justina Sauer asked a question: How to make bass in vps avenger?
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How to install sound libraries on VPS Avenger?

  • Click VPS Avenger on the left side of the V-Manager window, then click on Activate Licenses at the top right. After it has downloaded, go to its download location, launch the installer, and follow the on-screen instructions. Now that the plug-in has been installed, select where you want the sound libraries to be installed.

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Well here we go: the new "Melodic EDM" Expansion Pack for VPS Avenger offers you tons of modern epic EDM stuff for incredible pop songs, radio hiphop or trap, party dance, future bass or chilling house - or in other words: This expansion has everything you need to create songs which are being played on modern radio stations, with focus on vocals and melody.

If your Kick doesn't sound good, it won't sound right with bass and your track will sound thin or dull as a result. We've done all the hard work for you. We have carefully processed all raw samples before importing them into the VPS Avenger. Then our sound engineering team created additional programming to create the dance grooves.

roll function for each note (x2, x3, x4 etc) each note has velocity, pan, pitch or gate time. multiple selection tool: draw a box and select multiple notes, delete them, move them (with cursor arrows up/down/left/right) or st the velocity for all at once. many special modes: flip, reverse, mirror, copy/fill blocks etc.

After you’ve composed your drums, bass, and synths in VPS Avenger, you can mix them in a fully functional mixer module where you have individual control of each sample and sound. There are also a ton of effects to choose from, our favorite being a 4-band graphic EQ that sounds and functions very smoothly.

We will next make a lead sound. Because its a single note sound, we will add 4 octaves on top of a V-Saw. By adding overtones/harmonies, we will further fatten the sound. Open CHORDER in the Voicing tab next to the V-Saw. By turning the area on the left on, you can add up to 4 harmonies. Small adjustments can be made to these harmonies.

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