How to make a media kit for an event?

Bertha Pouros asked a question: How to make a media kit for an event?
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How to write an effective media kit & use it to make money- community education event

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What is a media kit and how to make one?

  • Plus, how to make one for your own brand. What is a media kit? A media kit is also known as a press kit. It's a set of promotional materials to provide information to members of the news media to help them write articles. Media kits may live fully-online as responsive online press pages.

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How to make a media kit: examples, template & creation tools

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Brand your media kits with your logo & color palette Make sure that your media kit is properly branded by adding your company logo and color palette. To include your logo, simply upload a JPEG, PNG or SVG version from your computer and into Canva. Drag and drop it into your workspace and resize or move it around as needed.

Putting together an event press kit that garners media attention takes team work and a few simple steps. Things to Include. Decide on the message you want to send before assembling the press kit. Ensure that the message is clear to all members of the team and approved by the department manager. There might be multiple initiatives involved in the same event or project, therefore it is imperative that the precise materials are chosen to generate the desired response. Complete a press release ...

If you are preparing a media kit for an event or press conference for a major announcement, you may want to include facts, statistics and background information. Common elements found in a media kit can include: Backgrounders – Backgrounders are usually a one-page summary of anything related to your nonprofit.

The purpose of creating an influencer media kit is to get people to connect with you. So, it’s obvious that you need to include all of your contact information in it. Mention your work email address, contact number, postal address, social media handles, and your website. Make sure you make your contact information easy to find.

Create multimedia specific to the event. It's becoming more and more common for press kits to include DVDs, CDs, slideshows and (of course) photographs. Adding these components works. Members of the media are far more likely to read press kits containing audio and video elements.

Your media kit is an opportunity to show off your business, product, or event. Enjoy customizing every element of your media kit, from the colors and fonts to the images, frames, and sizes. There are endless creative opportunities to grab everyone’s attention.

The only downside to making a media kit from scratch, or even playing around and testing out some of the templates in Canva, is that it can be time-consuming! It can be all too easy to spend hours fine-tuning your design when you could be pitching to prospective brands! If you’re looking for a simple and super-quick template to get your media kit created in record time, try out our free template! #2. Use Later’s Free Influencer Media Kit Template . Created by our lovely in-house designer ...

You can hire a marketing/PR agency to create a press kit for anywhere between $300 and $5,000. Or you can create your own on your company website. If your online press kit gets media coverage for your brand, it can quickly pay off with new customers and revenue from the added exposure. What electronic press kits include

Media Kit Template by Kotryna Bass. We love this template for the amount of space it allows for photos. We know statistics are what sponsors look for, but this media kit allows you to showcase your brand first, with the statistics just being an added benefit. Even though we think the free media kits listed above are amazing, we know there will ...

Make It Easy to Get in (And Out) If you're holding the event at your 50,000 square foot plant and the area you're allowing media is in the back of the building, give them as easy access as possible. Don't have them park at the front of the building and then lug their equipment all the way to the back if you can help it. If there's a way to ...

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