How to i get certified on facebook for an ad?

Mathew Hodkiewicz asked a question: How to i get certified on facebook for an ad?
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How to get facebook certification in digital marketing

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  • In order to become certified, you will need to take the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam in addition to either of the media professional exams – the Facebook Certified Planning Professional or the Facebook Certified Buying Professional – to receive your certification and digital badge.”

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Facebook blueprint certifications

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To get a Facebook Blueprint Certification, you'll need to take 2 exams and get a passing score.

Facebook Certification. Set yourself apart in digital marketing by becoming a Facebook Certified Professional. Facebook certification exams help you stand out in your field. Facebook awards credentials to individuals who demonstrate advanced-level proficiency in various aspects of digital marketing with Facebook products.

Once you have passed all the exams required for your certification, you will be issued a verifiable digital badge via our badge delivery system Acclaim (our credential partner). To request additional information or support, or to leave feedback, contact the Facebook Blueprint team at

Hootsuite’s Advanced Social Advertising Certification helps marketers and advertisers take their social media advertising skills to the next level. By learning pro tactics and best practices, you will be able to optimize your social ad campaigns from start to finish, enabling you to work smart, optimize ad reception, and ultimately, save time and money while improving results.

The instant verification choice gives you the option to have Facebook call the phone number you have listed on your business Page. You’ll be given a verification code, which you’ll enter into the box Facebook provides you with. Then Facebook will award you with the appropriate verified checkmark. 5.

Online learning Certification Learn the skills you need to use Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to grow your business with free online courses. Create an Ad Create a Page. Online learning. Bring your business online Establish your presence Build relationships Optimize your efforts. Create an Ad Create a Page.

By June 29, advertisers who want to run ads about social issues in Australia will be required to complete the ad authorizations process and create a "Paid for by" disclaimer in order to run these ads. Click here to review examples of social issue ads.

The Facebook Blueprint is Facebook's line of official certifications for Facebook ads and ad products; There are many different types of Blueprint certifications for various roles in the industry; The certification exam is pretty difficult and will requiring studying before hand; Facebook certification costs between $99 to $150 USD each

How to get authorized to run political ads on Facebook. To start the process visit the identity authorization page. Once there you will be prompted to run through a number of steps for verifying your identity. Step 1) Confirm your identity with Facebook. To do this, Facebook needs to generate a code to send you through the mail.

Earlier this month, we provided an update on the features and process we're building to help ensure transparency and authenticity in political ads. Among these is an authorization process for advertisers who want to run political ads, which include election-related and issue ads, on our platforms.

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Is it worth getting facebook blueprint certified?