How to get ppl to message you on phrendly?

Braulio Pagac asked a question: How to get ppl to message you on phrendly?
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So here's how Phrendly works: First someone has to create a profile. They should make sure to add as much detail as possible to increase the chances of getting a message. Someone (it could be you or your future friend) browses the app for someone interesting to talk to.

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To make someone text you back, ask a question you want an answer to rather than being vague, since that will prompt the other person to reply. If you don't have a specific question in mind, ask the person about something their passionate about, like their favorite type of music or school subject.

Add a call to action that can help your recipient take the desired action. While sending a reminder to someone to reply to your email, a question will pop up in your mind — how to get someone to respond to your email. To do so, you must add a clear actionable message in your email with an eagerness to hear back.

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Phrendly. Phrendly gives you an excellent opportunity to get paid to talk to lonely people. This site is open to people that are interested in chatting with both men and women for a price. It allows people to indulge in sexting and flirting, but you can ignore this part if you are not comfortable with it.

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