How to find someone on social media with email?

Millie Schmeler asked a question: How to find someone on social media with email?
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  • Generally, there are two ways to find all social media accounts by email for free. First, you can type in the email ID in the search bar on a given social media platform and comb through the results to find the person. Needless to say, this is usually a long and tedious process. Another way, though, is using so-called email lookup tools.

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The great thing about InfoTracer is that it brings so much information together in one place. Using the InfoTracer search tool, you can enter someone’s email address and find all their social media accounts with one easy search. You don’t have to hunt down each account individually, and you’ll find much more than just social media stuff.

First, visit twitter and log into your own account. In the top right of the screen you can enter an email address or username. If there is an account, it will pop up there. You can also try this with a username, as twitter generally has a username as the profile identification link (e.g. ours is Usersearch_web).

It just works like a search engine to find someone’s social media account using an email. The tool does not give you the exact profile you are looking for. To search the social media account using email, all you need to go to and then choose People Search by email or name.

Just type in the email address in the search box and Lullar will give you a list of social media networks and job networks. It highlights the sites that do contain a coincidence for that address. This tool is free to use and is our first alternative when we need to find someone’s social media profile via their email. ManyContacts.

To find social media profiles by email, all you have to do is use the Google advanced search. Believe it or not, it works for many. Here is a screenshot example from Google to show you how to do the search. And if the details are public, you’ll find the profile. Also, people can search social media by email.

If you weren’t able to find someone’s email address with any of the techniques mentioned above, try reaching out on social media, asking for a more specific email address, contacting info@ or hello@ emails, or even connecting with the company's support via chat.

Then, go through the search results and see if you can find the person you were looking for. Give Google A Go. Alternatively, you can also use google to look for someone’s social media accounts. Simply type the person’s name in the search bar along with the name of the platform on which you need to find them.

There are actually many services for searching for someone across the internet and social media. I recommend these 3 options: 1. Social Catfish. Social Catfish does people search and verification for professionals. The site helps you find lost connections and verify a person's online identity using images, email addresses, phone numbers and online profiles. It will provide details like: Profile photo; Social accounts like Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn

If you happen to have a person’s number, but can’t find them on social media, this is a great option. 5. Give Google a go. What if you know very little about the person you’re looking for?

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