How to fight cps case?

Fabian Daugherty asked a question: How to fight cps case?
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  • Obtain information regarding the referral history on the family;
  • Clarify the facts;
  • Test the validity of CPS assumptions and conclusions formed during the abuse investigation;
  • Discuss the family services suggested by CPS test whether those services are calculated to reduce perceived risk to the children in the home;

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If so, write them a letter, not about your personal case so much as about the problems of CPS injustice in general. Ask them to investigate CPS in your county. 5. Legal Document Writing– If you haven’t already, write a Declaration of Factsto clarify each point of malfeasance by caseworkers and others involved in your case.

If you are one of the many that think that the government agents are “helping you,” when in fact they are not, every time you agree to talk to them, make your kids available to them, get a home inspection by them, take an alcohol or drug test by them (or their suggested medical vendors) — EVERY TIME you agree to to interact with CPS/DCFS without legal counsel or legal advice, you might be helping them build a rock-solid case against you that you will dread for years or a lifetime.

CPS employees will lie to you and tell you they do not need your consent. The fact of the matter is they absolutely need your consent to come into your home and speak with your children. If there is no “exigent circumstances” (imminent danger) to your children with “probable cause” (credible witness) to support a warrant, CPS anywhere in

go to google and search how to fight cps and dcfs very helpful also petition your courts for all documents against you in your county. they have to give them to you. also phone calls recorded messages and all documentation with these organizations. use your miranda rights. don’t say nothing plead the 5th don’t sign a service plan that’s when they start using and building a case against you.

False reports to CPS should clear themselves up during the investigation. If you're talking about perjured testimony and inaccurate documentation that’s a different matter. In that case, you need a good lawyer and evidence.

By doing these things you are much better prepared to fight CPS. You can help your lawyer to do his job. You can help your advocate help you by being able to refer to something you did, a call that was made, etc. You will have an easily accessible record of everything you did that either helped or hurt your case.

If your case will still go to court, keep your testimony on hand. You can also request to dispute the CPS findings in an administrative review. Be as detailed as possible when completing your dispute form. When you appear in court, behave as professionally as possible and present all available evidence that speaks to your innocence.

How Do You Fight a CPS Case? If you believe CPS is wrongfully accusing you of child abuse, there are ways you can fight it. The first thing you can do is research the laws of your state so that you better understand the situation and how you can protect yourself.

If the report against a subject has been indicated, then ACS/CPS may act in one of two ways. The first option is to indicate the report and take no further action against the subject except for the fact that their name will remain on the child abuse register until ten years after the eighteenth birthday of the youngest child on the report.

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