How many websites can i host on shared hosting?

Carter Hamill asked a question: How many websites can i host on shared hosting?
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There is no limit on the number of websites that you can host on a single shared hosting package.

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Updated on Aug 6, 2021. There is no limit on the number of websites that you can host on a single shared hosting package. There are currently three types of shared hosting packages that we offer and here is a brief description of how they work: FastCloud: This shared package will still allow you to have unlimited websites on it.

If you are using shared hosting to host your website, chances are there are hundreds if not thousands of other websites that are hosted on the same server. They are sharing the resources together and sometimes when one site experiencing massive requests (visitors), it would affect the performance of its peer websites. It’s important to know how many neighbors on the server, so you can ...

The basic answer is a definite Yes. You can host more than one domain name on your web hosting package and there are two main ways to do this: Addon Domains; Reseller Hosting; Virtual Private Server (VPS) Let’s look at each in turn so that you can make an informed decision: Addon Domains. The Addon Domain feature can be used with shared hosting plans. If you login to your cPanel hosting control panel you will see an option for Addon Domains. See instructions for

Multiple site hosting enables you to configure more than one web application on the same port of an application gateway. It allows you to configure a more efficient topology for your deployments by adding up to 100+ websites to one application gateway. Each website can be directed to its own backend pool. For example, three domains,,, and, point to the IP address of the application gateway. You'd create three multi-site listeners and configure ...

You can host 3 domains within our Stellar hosting package. If you need to host more, have a look at our Stellar Plus or Stellar Business packages which allow hosting unlimited addon domains. The steps on how to add an addon domain to a hosting account can be checked in this article. All plans also allow an unlimited number of parked domains.

If your website loads fast using slow dial-up, it will be even faster for broadband, high-speed connection. If your average page size is 50KB, you can put approximately 20 pages on 1Mb of space. If you have 100MB of disk space, you can host 200 pages. Bandwidth is the amount of data you are allowed to transfer to and from your web server per ...

Shared web hosting can be accomplished in two ways: name-based and Internet Protocol-based (IP-based), although some control panels allow a mix of name-based and IP-based on the one server. IP-based. In IP-based virtual hosting, also called dedicated IP hosting, each virtual host has a different IP address. The web server is configured with multiple physical network interfaces or virtual ...

Site owners need to consider how much web hosting storage space their site is going to be using, as it will cost them more money to run the site if it is heavily loaded with content. This needs to be considered when drawing up the business plan, as any outgoings like this need to be outweighed by the income generated by the site. On top of that, using a greater amount of disk space can reduce ...

Can I host multiple websites within one Shared Hosting plan? Yes, you can host multiple websites on our Baby & Business Plan by adding secondary domains through your hosting control panel. Does the Control Panel include a website builder?

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