How many times do you have to flag a craigslist ad?

Raegan Hermiston asked a question: How many times do you have to flag a craigslist ad?
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How to make your craigslist ad flag-proof

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1) Doing it Yourself

If you are living in a small populated area and there are fewer people posting on craigslist, you can flag an ad 2,3 times to get it removed. Open the ad click on Prohibited.

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How to prevent craigslist ads from being…

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How does the Craigslist flagging tool work? They use VPN that consist 100’s of proxies across the country. The software log int o each proxy and flag the ad and continue to do so until the ad are flagged. Some time it requires 100 Proxies to remove a single ad and sometime it gets flagged with just one flag you never know!

4. After that, locate and click on the ad that you think should be prohibited from Craigslist. 5. On the top of the post, you will see a flag icon. Simply click on the icon to successfully flag that post. With these simple steps, you can easily flag any post on Craigslist that you think is not suitable. How To Unflag Craigslist Post

Anybody can flag an ad, but multiple flags (of an undisclosed number) are required to actually delete an ad on Craigslist, so you will need help from others to complete this task. Step 1 Open the...

Technically, Craigslist even forbids having two ads in the same category, even if you are legitimately selling two different things.

The option becomes available after your ad has been posted for 48 hours. Don’t post the same ad as a new ad because that will lead to flagging. You will have the option to repost the same after 30 to 40 days, when it expires. 6) Post only 4 to 5 ads from a single account on Craigslist, specially if you have just started on Craigslist.

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According to Craigslist’s ToS, you can post one ad per city per 48 hours. If your Craigslist posting software has a scheduler, set it to correspond to these rules to avoid being flagged if at all possible. The 48 hour rule isn’t set in stone, though, as an IP address could be part of a coffee shop Wi-Fi network or a corporate external address.

What is flagging on Craigslist? In very simple terms, flagging on Craigslist means that a number of people mark your ad or post on Craigslist and if its been marked by a specific number of users, it gets taken down. If a large number of your posts get repeatedly flagged, your account can get banned from Craigslist. The simplest and easiest way to avoid flagging, in one sentence, is to hire a professional Craigslist Posting Service to manage your ad campaign.

You may post to one category and in one city, no more than once every 48 hours. If you try to post something similar to an active post of yours on the site, you may get a blocked message. Removing the similar active post should help, unless it is less than 48 hours old. How can I post anonymously and still receive responses?

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