How long should your facebook video ad be?

Davon Prosacco asked a question: How long should your facebook video ad be?
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How long should a facebook video ads be | facebook video ad examples

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5-15 seconds

For in-stream video ads (ads placed before or during other video content), Facebook themselves recommend a length of 5-15 seconds (though they allow you to go up to 31 seconds). For standalone ads in News Feed, Facebook also recommends creating ads that are 15 seconds or shorter.

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The ideal facebook video ad length

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Over the years, you’ve likely heard all sorts of stats and formulas when it comes to how long your Facebook videos should be. Many sources say keep it short—30 seconds is ideal. Others say go long to maximize watch time.

When we analyzed our Facebook data, we discovered our audience engages the most with videos right under 1 minute. So we decided to cap most of our Facebook videos at around 60 seconds. We also discovered that 95% of viewers watch our videos on mute.

Limitations for Instagram Story video ads are equal to those for regular Stories. The video can be up to 15 seconds long. How Long are Facebook Videos? Compared to Instagram, Facebook users are accustomed to longer pieces of information. So it’s understandable that videos here can be a bit longer as well. 1 In-feed Facebook Video Length

In general it’s best to test an ad at least 3-4 days before making a decision on how the ad is doing. During this time, you shouldn’t tweak any settings because that resets the Facebook ad algorithm. The testing phase also depends a little on the budget.

I was surprised to find that Facebook video ads can be up to 120 minutes in length. This is insanely long, and the chances of someone completing a 2-hour video while on a social network seem pretty unlikely. At Wistia, we’ve found that video length matters when it comes to business videos.

This is why it’s SO important to test copy, images, colors, and to make sure your ads put an emphasis on being unique. [Tweet “Is ad fatigue or ad blindness hurting your Facebook ad campaign conversions?”] We like to stick to two weeks max for most Facebook ad runs. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

With some objectives, you can use a 360 video. When people see this type of ad, they can turn their device or drag their finger to move around within the video and explore every angle.

The trend that we observed is that the mid to long ad text produced the lowest CPA and the maximum number of leads. When we simplified the ad text by keeping it to just one sentence or by breaking everything out using emojis, the CPA was significantly higher. Next, we can look at the predictions from marketers:

Videos: 30 to 60 seconds With video, one of the primary measures of success is how long people watch, also known as your video retention rate. In 2016, Kinetic Social tracked 2 billion social ad impressions and found that 44 percent of 30- to 60-second videos on Facebook were viewed to completion.

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How long should facebook ads run after increasing the budget