How long should you bleed after ad & c?

Johnnie Wilderman asked a question: How long should you bleed after ad & c?
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Bleeding usually lasts about 2 to 4 weeks. You may not have bleeding for a few days right after your procedure, and then bleeding (as heavy as a period) may begin around the 3rd to 5th day.

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It will stop for a few days and then come back for a day. Hope it ends soon. Dr said i should get af within 6 wks of procedure. so sorry for your loss : ( I bled for 12 long days after my D&C (3/26). Some days it was light,heavy,spotting, brownish or red.

HI, I had light bleeding for about 7 days after my d&c I didnt pass any tissue of clots after I had it done and didnt have any cramps. If the bleeding starts to get heavy again and you get a fever or bad pains maybe you should ring your dr or the hospital where you had it done just incase you have an infection.

I started bleeding really heavily and cramping really badly about 5 days after my 1st D&C and when I went back into the Dr they found that there was still tissue that needed to be removed. Good luck to you. I hope you are able to get some rest and physically heal soon!

The National Institutes of Health explains that the procedure often takes only a few minutes and women can usually return to normal activity within a few days 3. During recovery, a woman may experience minor cramping and some spotting or light bleeding.

The bleeding duration after c section varies from woman to woman, and in fact, while it may take only 2 or 3 weeks for some women, others may experience vaginal spotting for as long as 6 weeks. One important sign you must check is the volume of blood loss. Remember, days after your surgery, you will experience much more bleeding.

You may have light vaginal bleeding for several weeks after the procedure. You will probably be able to go back to most of your normal activities in 1 or 2 days. This care sheet gives you a general idea about how long it will take for you to recover.

Translation: Bleeding for up to 6 weeks is normal and you won’t feel completely clean that entire time. Oh, and the bleeding might not start until a week after the surgery just when you think you’re in the clear.

You will notice heavier bleeding immediately after your C-section, and it will decrease over time. Bleeding should stop completely after four to six weeks.

Those might include a stroll outside, light weeding in the garden, or gentle yoga after d&c. Within a few days, you can probably resume your normal workout routine. It's normal to have a bit of cramping or light bleeding for up to two weeks after the procedure.

After the procedure, there may be cramping and pain for a few hours. Doctors can give patients instructions on activities that should be avoided as the cervix heals, including no douching or tampon use for 3 weeks. Healing time depends on the extent of the tissue removed during the LEEP.

You may notice that bleeding is heavier than usual, with a bit more clotting, during your first one or two cycles after your D&C. It's difficult to predict when an individual will get their period. On average, it can be around two weeks to six weeks after a D&C, but the time will vary for each person.

Most women get their monthly period within 4 to 6 weeks after a D&C. Side Effects. The most common side effects are mild cramping and slight bleeding from the vagina (called spotting). These can last for a few days. If you have pain, you can take a pain-reliever. Other side effects are not as common but can occur after a D&C. These include:

If you had general anesthesia, you may feel groggy for a while and have some brief nausea and vomiting. You can return to regular activities within one or two days. In the meantime, ask your ...

The heaviest of the bleeding will last for about three to 10 days after labor and delivery, and then it should taper off to lighter bleeding or spotting. How long do you bleed after giving birth? Lochia is typically heavier and dark red in color for up to 10 days after giving birth, and then transitions into lighter bleeding or spotting that can last for four to six weeks after delivery.

How Long Will You Bleed After a LEEP Procedure? After a LEEP procedure, it is possible to experience some type of vaginal discharge or spotting for approximately 3 weeks, states WebMD. During the first week after this procedure, the discharge may be brown, while in the following weeks it can become light pink in color.

how long after first bleed did it take you to miscarry naturally? lau74rcj. 03/01/2012 at 2:39 pm. Sorry for your loss Nicola, it is an awful experience to go through, i had a late mc back in October. I bled for around 2 weeks, was on and off for a few days before it stopped completely.

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