How long after chlorine to ad algeacide?

Giovani Kerluke asked a question: How long after chlorine to ad algeacide?
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When to add algaecide to pool water after shock treatment?

  • Algaecide should be used after each shock treatment, so it has a better chance to support your chlorine as it works its magic. Be sure to shock your pool first, then when the chlorine levels of your pool return to normal, add the correct amount of algaecide to several places around your pool while your pump is running.


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How Long Do I Have To Wait To Swim After Adding Pool Chemicals? It is recommended to wait at least 20 minutes to an hour after adding water balancing chemicals. You should wait 2-4 hours (or one full cycle through the filter) to swim from the moment you use calcium chloride in your pool.

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So knowing how much algaecide you have to use or how long you have to wait until you can swim again in your pool is always helpful. Usually, 20-30 minutes is considered safe before going back to the pool again. But if someone goes a little before that there’s no need to panic.

Your chlorine levels won’t return to normal right after you shock your pool anyway, so we recommend waiting at least 24 hours to add algaecide. When adding algaecide to your pool, make sure you add the correct amount. The number of gallons your pool holds will correctly determine the dosage.

Note that when adding chlorine to your pool, their levels don’t immediately return to normal so you have to wait for close to 24 hours before adding the algaecide. When adding algaecides to your pool, ensure to add the correct quantity. The right amount to add depends on the number of gallons your pool holds.

As a side note chlorine levels were low when added the algaecide so I didn't want to reduce the effectiveness of shock and this is probably the biggest concern. Welcome to the forum. Without knowing what was in that algaecide, I would wait at least 30 min with the pump running. Click to see full answer.

If your pool is attacked by yellow algae, your algaecide will need enough long time to prevent. It takes around 2-3 weeks to prevent. On the other hand, chlorine starts to work faster than algaecide. Our fight is against algae-like E.coli bacteria & chlorine needs only less than one minute to kill the algae.

8) How long after adding chemicals can I swim? Alkalinity Balance, pH up, pH down, Calcium Balance, Water Stabilizer, and clarifier are all swim-safe chemicals. Wait about 20 minutes, and you are free to swim. We suggest adding algaecide, Super Erace, and shock at night, after everyone is out of the pool.

Alkalinity Balance, pH up, pH down, Calcium Balance, Water Stabilizer, and clarifier are all swim-safe chemicals. Wait about 20 minutes, and you are free to swim. We suggest adding algaecide, Super Erace, and shock at night, after everyone is out of the pool. It is safe to swim again the next day.

The best time to introduce an algaecide, which functions best as a preventative, is after you've shocked the pool and the chlorine level has fallen below 5 parts per million. Two Ways to Control Algae Chlorine combines with algae and kills it, which is one of the reasons an algae bloom in the pool is a problem.

Add algae gaurd 60 every 3-5 days to prevent algae. Also add clarifier 4-12 hrs after above steps, once a week to help get rid of algae and organic debris.

Large amounts of algae may require you to add up to three doses of shock over a 36-hour period. When using large amounts of shock to kill algae, water may become cloudy. After this, add a pool algaecide like Leslie's Algae Control and brush the pool again. After brushing, vacuum the pool.

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