How important is the official website in evaluating a college?



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The official website is a good place to start looking for information about a school. It will tell you about statistics, new developments on campus, interesting research and campus life. It will also generally allow you to take a virtual tour of the campus.

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How important is the official website in evaluating a college? The official website is very useful for statistics and for learning about a school’s academic programs, professors, facilities and processes for things like applications. If you’re looking for facts, this is the easiest and most reliable place to turn for information.

Evaluating Websites. When using the Internet, you must remember that it lacks any kind of quality control and it is not regulated in any way. The burden of determining the value of information found on the Internet is on the user. You should consider these criteria for evaluating Web resources (Accuracy, Authority, Objectivity, Currency ...

Evaluating the strength of your extracurricular activities, course load, essays and other soft factors against the admissions standards of the college or university, however, isn’t as simple as checking the information on the school’s website. Help from your college counselor is most valuable for these components.

Governmental sites have "official" information. For example, the text of the Code of Federal Regulations or a bill or resolution is a primary source and is therefore a valuable resource. The law is the law. Educational: University, college, high school (address frequently includes .edu)

It is accessible, convenient and fast. Though the Internet provides a lot of information on almost anything you can think of, it may not be quite so easy to verify and evaluate that information. If you are going to use the Internet as your main source for information, beware! Remember, anyone can publish information on the Internet.

The World Wide Web (aka "The Web") is the part of the Internet that contains websites. Websites store, link, and deliver webpages and can range in size from one page to thousands of pages. Only a tiny fraction of the web is available through an internet browser like Google. It is estimated that over 90% of the internet is made up of the "deep ...

So, what makes a visit official? Any visit to a college campus in which any part is financed by the school is considered an official visit. Coaches usually save invitations for their top recruits and getting asked is a huge step on your recruiting journey. It’s important to prepare in advance for this crucial part of the recruiting process.

What to Do: Get rid of any stylistic choices that contradict your brand message. Make sure your logo and website design align. Consider your target audience and let that inform your style. 4. Content. The two main considerations regarding content are readability and usefulness.

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