How good is icici direct?

Myrl Botsford asked a question: How good is icici direct?
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Icici direct review

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ICICI Direct is one of the largest and a good stock broker… ICICI Direct was the largest stock broker for over 20 years until year 2019. It lost its number 1 position to Zerodha in terms of number of active clients.

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Zerodha vs icici direct

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ICICI Direct Review – Final Words: ICICI Direct is best known broker and credit of introducing online trading to India should go to them. Because of their group bank they are able to acquire large number of customers. However, their brokerage is very high and they justify it in the name of personalized service.

Good part of ICICI direct is you can buy IPO which is not in Zerodha. ICICI direct UI is very difficult to understand, and brokerage is very high.

ICICIdirect review. The credit of making online trading popular in India should definitely go to ICICIDirect. Because of their early entry into the online broking, they could reap the benefit by adding thousands of customers until they started feeling the heat from discount brokers.

Is ICICI Direct Good or Bad? Total Number of Customers. With more than 6 Lakh client base, the broker is leading in the list of full-service brokers... Years of Experience. Other than this, the broker is offering brokerage services for the last 21 years and has earned a... Awards and Recognition…

Is ICICI Direct trading good? ICICI Direct is considered good and reputable to trade with ICICI Direct. ICICI Direct is used by over 2,000,000 active traders and ICICI Direct users. ICICI Direct offers Equity trading, Derivatives trading, Mutual Fund & IPO trading, Fixed Deposit trading, Bond trading, NCD trading, and wealth products trading.

ICICI direct Neo is an investment and retail trading service from ICICI Securities that is considered among top 10 stock brokers in India by many. The trading service offers a wide variety of investment options to both institutional and retail customers. The parent company, ICICI Securities, itself stands amongst the country’s best financial service providers offering banking as well as ...

Cons of ICICI direct. Brokerage plans are pretty expensive, and not that would suit beginners. Not all trading tools are free. You have to pay a monthly fee for using some of its tools. Moreover, you would get lost if you just started using the trading tools offers. Its more suited towards intermediate to expert level traders.

Is Icici direct good for trading? Yes, Icici direct is just next to the Zerodha and Upstox and have all the requirements to be called as good for trading, investing as well as banking. Is Icici demat account good? Yes, Icici direct has backing of ICICI bank and their demat services are quite seamless and easy to use. Is ICICIdirect NSDL or CDSL?

20. But, ICICI Direct has the benefit of 3-in-1 account, so it is easy to transfer money from your bank account to deal in securities. Another advantage of ICICI Direct is that they provide Advisory services to their clients, guiding you in your investment decisions. Zerodha does not provide such services.

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Icici direct vs hdfc securities vs kotak…