How do you throw items at ppl on club penguin?

Novella Cartwright asked a question: How do you throw items at ppl on club penguin?
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👉 How do you get the club penguin banner?

You can go and it will give a code and you get all of the code and put it in to a HTML p.s you can only do this if you have a blog or website. !! '

👉 What does ppl stand for on club penguin?

It stands for People. like if someone says "hi "ppl" they mean "hi People". People use this term because it is easier to type and quicker to type.

👉 How can you turn tv on at club penguin?

use up and down

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Snowball: T and aim and click!

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How do you turn on your tv on club penguin?

Easy! You simply go to your igloo and take out your tv. Then Keep your mouse on it and click up. You should see a picture on the screen appear. Keep clicking up and you will discover more channels!

On club penguin how do you change your tv channel?

Click the tv and press the up arrow key

What button do you press to sing on club penguin?

You need to dance with a microphone

What button do you press to speak on club penguin?

u press the talk bubble

What is the club penguin id code for party banner?

Go to the club penguin community. Then click on the banner.

How do you put channels on your tv on club penguin?

press the up or down key to change channels ;]

How do you turn on the lcd tv on club penguin?


What button do you push on the machine on club penguin?

you press the on button

Where can you find old copies of news on club penguin?

you go to what's new and see the old dates of copies. on moshi monsters my name is jjcoolledgend.

What happens when you press the plus equals key on club penguin?

It stops the renderer from smoothing things causing it to lag a lot less. It makes things look less detailed, though.

What button do you press to use your thunder sword on club penguin?

You don't press any button you just go click the button that you dance and then if you just have your sword and nothing else the sword will show a blue laser all the way to the top.

What do you have to press to type to other penguins on club penguin?

u press enter on ur key bored u press enter on ur key bored u press enter on ur key bored

Your hd tv wont turn on in club penguin how do you turn it on?

you go to edit your home and click the tv and press the up and down buttons

How do you make the sign adventure on club penguin when someone clicks on find player?

i think you have to play puffle rescue in the mine

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