How do you get ad impressions on quora?

Stewart Torphy asked a question: How do you get ad impressions on quora?
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So asking questions about popular items, products or topics of communication will lead to more ad impressions if an ad can be created from each question. Otis Saroke, I joined Quora on 7th July 2017. The amount of times that an ad has been looked at whenever your question is clicked on .

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You have no control over ad impressions or external traffic to your questions on Quora. Possibly you can research ad impressions, how they work, and what type of ads Quora uses and what type of questions they are attracted to. I’m not really sure if this is possible or practical but it’s my best suggestion.

I 2nd the suggestions from Colette. But I would also examine your targeting! Test adding or removing a Targeting Category and see if the estimated number of Daily impressions change. In our examples for our Vertical; when Daily Estimated Reach num...

If the ads were served below the fold and you didn’t see them because you did not scroll to the bottom, those ads still had impressions. This is where Viewable Impression comes into picture. When at least 50% of ad copies are served on your screen (not below or above the screen area you are on) for a minimum of 1 second, the ad had a viewable impression.

This is really an simple question. In simple words Impression is that how much time your ad is viewed or view by visitors who visited your site. Let’s take an example suppose you are showing 5 Adsense ads on every page , so in case your 1 page vie...

Broad Targeting. Broad Targeting: Show ads widely across Quora to maximize potential impressions. With Broad Targeting, Quora will automatically target your ad across the Quora audience depending on their location and device. Broad Targeting can be used to generate traffic to a website and build brand awareness.

Like the ad set, you can also import existing Quora ads, so you don’t have to create an old ad from scratch. To do so, just click on the radio button beside “Import from an existing ad” and choose the ad you want to import. All the fields will automatically be filled.

To get started with advertising you need to visit and click on Start now. After you click on start now you will be asked to log into your account. After you sign in to your account fill in your business details and click on create an account. Your Quora advertising account will be created.

Quora Ads work by showing text or image ads on Quora to a chosen Audience, a chosen Topic, or a combination of Audience and Content. Their audience targeting has multiple options including retargeting (your own audience on Quora), a Quora audience (a known group of people interested in a topic), or others.

Quora has made a big push to pique the interest of advertisers.While they’re better known as the network for asking questions and connecting with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers, they’re now shifting to monetize the network with their global release of Quora Ads.. In January, my employer, AdStage, was lucky enough to get beta access and take the ads platform for a ...

As you can see, the question has a significant amount of views and over 25,000 ad impressions, to profit around $12. Whilst this is great for a question that took me a few seconds to write, making this much profit is few and far between and it’s not something i’ve managed to replicate on the other 299 questions.

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