How do i transfer my vps?

Hyman Rempel asked a question: How do i transfer my vps?
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  1. Step 1 – Transfer your domain to your new host (they must have a domain service) ...
  2. Step 2 – Create a Backup of Your Website…
  3. Step 3: Upload your files and import your database to your new VPS…
  4. Step 4: Point your IP address to your new server.

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Open your Sentora control, visible at your VPS IP address. From the 'Home' screen, click the 'FTP Accounts' icon in the 'File Management' section. Choose a username and password for the account. Enter those in the provided fields. Select "Full Access" from the drop-down menu.

Because SFTP makes use of a graphical interface for viewing folders and folder trees it is well-suited to transferring files to and from Linux VPS servers without the need to install additional software like FTP. How do I Transfer or Share Files from and to a VPS. Open the SSH heading in the sidebar and click Add key file.

Once you receive your VPS login details, 1) open a support ticket requesting migration from your old server to the new one. Our support staff will take over from here and request all necessary information and handle the process for you.

How to transfer files to vps. Click Options and then click the Local Resources tab. Click Disk Drives and then click Connect. To upload files from PC to VPS server select the destination path and folder from the left category then hit the Upload from the top toolbar. Under Drives check the box for your C.

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