How do i change my vps?

Brandyn Paucek asked a question: How do i change my vps?
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  1. Login to your account. Firstly, you'll need to login to your account at
  2. Choose 'Manage Servers' Once you have logged in, click on the 'Manage Servers' icon…
  3. Choose 'Settings' ...
  4. Edit hostname & password.
  1. Navigate to the VPS page.
  2. Click the Change Plan button to the right of your current VPS.
  3. Click Get This VPS under the plan you wish to change to.
  4. Click the billing plan you'd prefer.
  5. A success message confirms your VPS will be upgraded in just a few moments.

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Select the operating system you wish to change to from the drop down list Step 7 of 7 When a operating system is selected click on the Reimage VPS button to complete.

Click on "Settings" and "Change Password" Type and retype your New Password (Random Password Generator) Click "Change Password". Wait couple of seconds for confirmation. After that, press the stop button to power your VPS off; Wait ~ 20 seconds and the start button will appear, Press the start button and wait ~1 minutes for your VPS to boot up.

VPS OS Firewall is set "on" by default, and will block services other than SSH. Type the following commands to turn off the iptables firewall or change the iptables firewall to another status. It is best to keep the firewall on and add specific rules to allow specific service. To turn off iptables firewall: service iptables stop

At the moment, the interface IPv4 address will be changed. After that, click on the required IPv4 address and click on “Edit“ By default, the following entry is set on all VPS. You need to enter your desired PTR record value in the “Domain” line, then click on “OK“ In order to clearly show, the entry has been changed

There are 3 ways you can reboot your VPS without contacting our support staff. You can reboot your VPS from within the OS itself (sudo reboot or sudo shutdown -r now) You can reboot your VPS from your Portal account. Click on your VPS service from the "My Services" screen or the Dashboard. Under "Virtual Machine Detail", find the "Action" buttons

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