How do ads know what i searched for?

Dominic Ortiz asked a question: How do ads know what i searched for?
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How ads appear in google search

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How targeted ads work. The personalized ads are a result of cookies and an IP address. Cookies are text files in your browser that track information you've searched… The balance between both of them is what gives the information to advertisers.


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How facebook ads know what you search on google

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How can i see search terms that triggered my google ads… How do ads know what i like?

They gather this by first tracking online activity, which is enough to tell them what people like, what they search for, what they listen to, what they read, where they're walking for dinner, and also, worryingly, who their friends are and what they like, read, purchase—data that is gathered without their awareness.

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Your employers may not mind, but remember that whatever you look at and whatever sites you visit, the communication may not be private. “Refrain from using devices owned by the company for any personal, confidential or sensitive matter," says Shroff.

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ISPs cannot see which specific pages within that website you visit (everything after the '/'). ISPs cannot see what you search for or what you type into forms. ISPs can still see the domain of the website you are visiting (everything up to the '/').

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How to check where your ads appears on google search… How do advertisers know what websites i visit?
  • Advertisers’ web servers know your IP address, and can do things like leave cookies so they know which sites (using that same advertising network) you visit. Well, not you, you, but rather “some computer at your IP address”, since that’s all they really know. Perhaps.
How do facebook ads know what i'm thinking?

It's a pretty well known fact that Google and Facebook uses your data to make targeted ads based on what you like and search for. Even as far as having your phone “listen” to conversations you have and send targeted ads to you that way.

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Get started with google ads: what are search ads?