How can torture be phsical ad psychological?

Cole Heller asked a question: How can torture be phsical ad psychological?
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👉 Can cps order a psychological evaluation?

Can CPS force you to undergo a mental health evaluation? No, they can't actually force you to do that. You can refuse. BUT, in cases involving abuse or neglect, CPS can apply for the emergency removal of children from a home (to foster care, or another parent or relative) if they believe there is an immediate risk of harm.

👉 Does social media cause psychological problems?

  • Since the very nature of social media centers on communication, it makes sense that the primary motivation for posting comes from a psychological point to connect with others. But this constant quest for acceptance and exposure on social media can lead to major psychological problems for some.

👉 What is a psychological evaluation cps?

Psych evaluation “instruments”, however, make no attempt to measure any positive attributes in the person evaluated, nor do they claim to. They are written and administered for the sole purpose of revealing personality disorders, mental impairments, and other ”conditions”. CPS is looking f. Continue Reading.

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Psychological torture shares several characteristics with physical torture. As Professor Almerindo Ojeda explains, in the context of stress positions, psychological torture pertains not to the positions itself, “but to the psychological debilitation they produce in their victims.”

The psychology of torture refers to the psychological processes underlying all aspects of torture including the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim, the immediate and long-term effects, and the political and social institutions that influence its use. Torture itself is the use of physical or psychological pain to control the victim or fulfill some needs of the perpetrator.

Torture can affect the brain, leaving long-term psychological scars. Nation Dec 23, 2014 3:00 PM EDT. WASHINGTON — At times, waterboarding rendered al-Qaida terror suspect Abu Zubaydah hysterical.

Psychological torture or mental torture is a type of torture that relies primarily on psychological effects, and only secondarily on any physical harm inflicted. Although not all psychological torture involves the use of physical violence, there is a continuum between psychological torture and physical torture. The two are often used in conjunction with one another and often overlap in practice, with the fear and pain induced by physical torture often resulting in long-term ...

Torture is more prolonged and designed to establish domination and control over a child’s psyche. Torture is carried out to physically and psychologically "break" someone.

Stretching back to medieval times and beyond, wicked minds have dreamt up a range of psychological torture methods that have caused even the bravest men and women to beg for mercy. Some of the worst techniques have gone out of style for their heinousness, but others, it is suspected, continue to be used, especially by secret government agencies.

The results showed that physical torture was on a par with psychological torture in terms of impact on fear, feelings of helplessness, loss of control and anxiety.

Although it involves physical sensations, it’s considered psychological torture because it’s not directly physical. Freezing temperatures can also be used in sleep deprivation techniques. A type of this is called cold cell torture, and it involves using air conditioners to subject prisoners to freezing temperatures.

By studying hundreds of political dissidents from Turkey and military prisoners of war of the former Yugoslavia -- all of whom were tortured -- Basoglu discovered that deceptively banal mistreatments that may not cause long-term psychological problems when used individually can lead to mental disorders when grouped together or inflicted sequentially.

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The short answer is, they (cps) are looking for any and everything they can use against you. From my personal and professional experience, rarely does anything good come out of court ordered cps psychological evaluations.

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Application: Psychologists consider what specific competencies are required for each child protection evaluation and strive to ensure either that they have the necessary competencies to conduct the evaluation or that they can adequately conduct the evaluation under either supervision or in a consulting relationship with a colleague who ...

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