Guinness world record by hosting a show?

Benton Kautzer asked a question: Guinness world record by hosting a show?
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Guinness World Records Primetime (AKA Guinness Primetime) is a TV show based on the Guinness World Records, and aired on the Fox television network from July 27, 1998 to October 4, 2001. It was hosted by Cris Collinsworth and Mark Thompson and reported on existing record-holders or on new record attempts.

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The longest career as a game show host for the same show is 35 years 198 days, and was achieved by Pat Sajak (USA) in Culver City, California, USA, on 22 March 2019.

The longest marathon hosting an internet radio talk show by a team is 52 hours and was achieved by Nescafe 3ü1 Arada (Turkey) in Istanbul, Turkey from 13 April - 15 April, 2012. The record attempt was carried out by Turkish radio DJ's Cenk and Erdem.

Alex Trebek Sets A Guinness World Record For Hosting 'Jeopardy!' Erin Whitney CULVER CITY, CA - SEPTEMBER 20: Host Alex Trebek poses on the set at Sony Pictures for the 28th Season Premiere of the television show 'Jeopardy' on September 20, 2011 in Culver City, California.

Alex Trebek breaks Guiness record for hosting most game show ..….. - host Alex Trebek set a Guinness World Record on Friday for the "most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter." The 73-year-old has hosted 6,829 shows without a single sick day.

Tonight’s episode sees an important milestone for host Alex Trebek as it marks the 6,829th time he’ll be the man with all the questions – setting a world record for most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter (same programme). Alex has been a mainstay of the show for all 30 seasons and has never missed an episode due to illness.

Alex Trebek, host of the long-running television game show Jeopardy, now holds a Guinness World Record title for the most game shows hosted by the same presenter. On Friday, Trebek hosted number ...

It took 35 years and 198 days, but Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has finally made game show history. During Wednesday night’s show, Sajak was officially awarded the Guinness World Record for the...

The longest marathon hosting a radio talk show is 88 hours, and was achieved by Taishi Masuoka (Japan) at the Osaka Matsubara Internet Broadcasting radio station in Matsubara, Osaka, Japan, from 24 to 27 August 2017.

The longest marathon hosting a radio talk show (team) is 66 hr 6 min and 1 sec, and was achieved by Leila Naoui, Yassine Wada, Sirine Bahri and Bassem Sehili (all Tunisia), in Metline, Bizerte, Tunisia, on 22 March 2018.

'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek was awarded with Guinness World Record on Friday, June 13, 2014, for the most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter (one show). LOS ANGELES (KABC) --...

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