Godaddy hosting grace period?

Rosalyn Hagenes asked a question: Godaddy hosting grace period?
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If GoDaddy decides to renew your expired domain name on your behalf, you will have a Renewal Grace Period during which you must reimburse GoDaddy for the renewal and keep your domain name. The Renewal Grace Period is currently twelve (12) days but subject to change under the terms of this Agreement.

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5,929. The GoDaddy Grace Period is only 12 days, but you can in fact renew at regular renewal prices up to the point the domain is removed from your account, on day 18. After that, it's only $80 to renew, right up until day 45.

How long is godaddy grace period. To recover the domain during the Redemption Period the registry requires a 150 USD fee. When a domain registration expires your options for renewal vary based on when your domain expired. After the 30 day grace period the domain will enter a hold period known as the Redemption Period for another 30 days.

Godaddy Hosting Grace Period. Fee is charged at day 46, no refund. 1 replies latest posted 2 years ago. 2 replies latest posted 3 years ago. You will need to recover the domain with godaddy. What the grace period for hosting renewal. After the grace period for these extensions, the domain is dropped in the 'redemption' period, and you cannot ...

Is it 18 days for all a/cs (not just for executive a/cs) ? The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.

Have some domain names that have "expired", but still within GoDaddy 12 day Grace Period to renew w/o paying $80 penalty fee. Does anyone know if I can still transfer these domains to a different Registrar & not renew w/ GoDaddy? Also, does anyone know how the 12 days are calculated? Does it...

For example Godaddy has an 18-days only grace period then 12 days redemption phase it is one of the rare exceptions in 30-days rule and lastly 11 days to get to an auction and compete with others for your expired domain. After these 40 days have passed the domain will fall into Redemption Grace Period and follow the registrys domain lifecycle.

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