Garry's mod server hosting commands?

Mittie Hessel asked a question: Garry's mod server hosting commands?
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changemapChange the map without restarting the server.
mapRestart the server with a certain map, the game mode returns to standard
map2Restart the server with a certain game mode and a certain map.
sv_defaultgamemodeSelect the standard game mode.

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Main Or Most Used Console Commands. sv_kickerrornum 0 //Disables kicking for lua errors, useful for debugging. sv_downloadurl "URLGOESHERE" //Setting your servers FastDownload URL, allowing players to download content from a webserver. hostname "NAME" //This field sets the servers name, also known as the host name.

Garry's Mod Server Hosting. Manage your own server and create a community... About Garry's Mod. Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox. There aren't any predefined aims or goals… You can issue commands, monitor your server, and much more using our in-house server console. Scheduler.

For examples on how configs are used, open your game server's "server.cfg", located at "garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg". This file should list settings that are global to your server, just as the "hostname", "sv_region", and "sv_defaultgamemode". Server.cfg is run every time the server is started, and every time the map is changed.

How to Add an Admin to a Garry's Mod Server Start by ensuring you’re connected to your server. Now, go on your Garry’s Mod server’s control panel. On your server’s control panel, to the left click “Console”. In your server’s console, type the following commands: rcon_password ulx adduser ...

Activate cheats / cheats, and more commands (can be dangerous) for all players. host_timescale Slow down or speed up the passage of time, 0.1 is the standard! Slows down or speeds up the time. clear Completely clean the content of the console. condump "name" Creates a log file for the console in the Garry's Mod directory.

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