Free web hosting site with mysql database?

Vincenzo D'Amore asked a question: Free web hosting site with mysql database?
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  • Hyperhost offers a free hosting package with high-speed SSD drives. They offer free MySQL databases and FTP access so that you have full control over your website or app. Unlike a lot of other free hosts, HyperHost offers 24/7 free customer support via chat, ticket, and phone.
  • 13 Best Free Database Hosting (2021): MySQL & Cloud Services. 1. Monthly Starting Price $2.95. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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Free Web Hosting with Free MySQL Database. These are free web page hosting sites that ...

Truly Free Web Hosting with PHP & MySQL. Create your first website for free, and tell your story to the world. The Free Web Hosting Service is suitable for small blog websites, news media, idea launching.

You can always download the free version of MySQL that many companies and individuals use for their databases. It is called the MySQL Community edition, the most widely used open-source database in the World. Most web hosting plans don’t even require you to download it, because it is usually included in their package as a bonus.

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