Email server local hosting?

Verlie Lesch asked a question: Email server local hosting?
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Setup a Local Only Email Server (Windows Only)

  • 1 - Install hMailServer. Download hMailServer from here:
  • 2 - Create a domain. Open hMailServer Administrator program. Click on "Domains" and then "add domain". At "domain name"...
  • 3 - Change server name. At "Host name" put "localhost" (without the quotes). Check if TCP Port is 25.

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This topic discusses setting up an Email Server on your local network to relay emails to your email provider. This is not an official email server. It acts more like an email client where emails are queued up and sent to your email server for processing. The product we recommend using is called hMailServer.

There are many options; I always recommend A Small Orange or Lithium Hosting, but if you're willing to sacrifice some performance, you can almost certainly host a small e-mail server on a free...

Configure email clients When the accounts have been created and firewall configured, it's time to configure your email clients. As user name, you should use the full email address, for example [email protected] As server address, use the name or IP address of the computer which hMailServer runs on.

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