Email server hosting malaysia?

Winston Gaylord asked a question: Email server hosting malaysia?
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  • Exabytes is one of the leading business email hosting provider in Malaysia for years. Apart from that, they have been offering their services to both bloggers and business owners within the region.

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Boost Your Business Identity. • Affordable email hosting solution •Access email anywhere, at anytime from any device • Connect with clients, employee & partners with email and collaboration • Starts from RM 9.90/users monthly with 20GB storage. Create your email now.

WebServer’s Dedicated Server eliminates many of the security issues that go along with shared hosting environments. Latest managed firewall services, advanced anti-virus protection able secure your server and webspace. Because no other sites share the server, there’s no risk with malware or viruses from neighbouring sites.

At WebServer, our team of professionals have developed a secure and reliable dedicated email server solution for our clients. Designed exclusively for clients to manage and oversee their email ecosystem within a singular web hosting environment, our Dedicated Email Server solution provides clients with enterprise-level security and robust hosting infrastructure.

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