Email hosting on shopify?

Jordyn Langworth asked a question: Email hosting on shopify?
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How to set up shopify email hosting - custom emails with shopify

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  • Shopify do not offer email hosting. You cannot host your email with Shopify. Instead you need to explore the paid options available for email hoisting. Shopify only host your website.

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How to set up email forwarding with shopify domains || shopify help center

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For those with a Shopify store you have two options for Shopify email hosting. Either, set up email with a free email provider (which doesn’t offer branded email on your domain) or opt for a paid option that will let you host the email on your own domain.

The Shopify email hosting from Shopped Email starts from as little as $10 a month per account (less if paying annually) that you sign up with them which can be up or downgraded at any time. Since you have a dedicated Shopify email host, you can create as many or few email addresses as you like to suit your shop’s needs.

Even though Shopify doesn't host any emails you can set up your email address to forward to your domain after you've connected your domain essentially connecting them. Shopify has two guides on this (One for third-party domains and one for domains purchased through Shopify) which you can see here and here .

From the Shopify admin go to Online Store > Domains > Shopify managed domains and choose the domain you're setting up email forwarding for. On the appeared dashboard, click on "Use third-party hosting service." In the new window select "Zoho Mail" and paste the copied TXT record into the input below.

Email hosting isn't provided on Shopify. If you want to send an email from your custom domain forwarding address, then you need to use a third-party email hosting service. If you use Zoho Mail or Google Workspace, then you can connect the hosting service to your domain in Shopify.

Hosted Email App allows you to set up an advanced email system on your Shopify store's domain as well as any other domains you use. The email platform behind Hosted Email App is already used by hundreds of thousands of domains worldwide and it's now available, right in your Shopify store's admin as an embedded app.

The Best Email Hosting Platforms For Shopify #1: Namecheap - Best Email Hosting for A Budget. Namecheap is known for being one of the most affordable domain... #2: Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail is one of the most affordable email hosting platforms, and it is well equipped for Shopify... #3: Google Workspace ...

Shopify does not have email hosting so you need to find a suitable email host. You can sign up for Shopped Email and follow our instructions or find an alternative Shopify email host like G Suite or Zoho. But if you want a custom email address you will need to pay for the services of a 3rd party host – free email hosting doesn’t exist.

Shopify doesn't provide email hosting, however, you can set up an unlimited number of forwarding email addresses (for example, [email protected]) for free. That means that whenever people will reach out to [email protected] , the email will automatically be forwarded to your regular email account.

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