Does ezoic pay more than adsense?

Buddy Nienow asked a question: Does ezoic pay more than adsense?
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Ezoic ads vs google adsense which pays more and have…

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In fact, Ezoic makes you much more money because it is a Premium network. This means that it does not accept any site, but only those with a minimum of 10,000 monthly visits to your site.

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Ezoic vs adsense earnings live comparison video

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Comparing earnings, tools and overall user experience, Ezoic is a far better choice for web publishers than AdSense. From a revenue standpoint, Ezoic will outperform AdSense by a wide margin. This is because Ezoic uses a process called header bidding to increase the amount advertisers pay for ads on your website.

Ezoic runs best-performing ads from different networks, while Adsense runs ads from Google Adwords only. Besides that, Ezoic pays per view. That means you get paid for displaying the ads and not only for ad clicks (as with Adsense).

Ezoic vs AdSense. Ezoic and Google AdSense work very differently so it’s worth understanding how you could make them work for best for you if you are a content creator. If you are a publisher, I hope that you will find this inspirational. Maybe you get more than 10,000 his a month in which case this may all be academic.

If you’re earning with Ezoic, this means you’ll not only likely earn more, but you’ll likely get paid more regularly too (especially when you’re just starting out). 3. Payment Timeline . Both AdSense and Ezoic have a monthly payment cycle. This means that your month 1 earnings will be paid out towards the end of month 2, and so on.

Ezoic provides more tools for publishers. Adsense simply provides a way to monetize your website, but the pay is limited. Ezoic gives you analytics, privacy policies, monetization, and so much more! You can use mediation to link your Adsense account with Ezoic. If Adsense is the highest paying platform, then Adsense will win the ad space.

During August Ezoic alone generated $175 USD managing 70% of the traffic. Adsense auto ads made another $75 managing 30% of the traffic for a total of $250 during August. By September most of my traffic went through Ezoic and we passed the $306 USD mark. October came by and we almost broke $350 with Ezoic. This number is much higher than $220.

As with Google Adsense, Ezoic earnings will vary depending on your location, niche, and time of year. According to Ezoic’s 2020 performance report which measured the progress of 300 websites over one year, the average increase in monthly revenue was a massive 93%. From the most recent income report, Niche Site Project 4 achieved an EPMV of $19.75. That’s $19.75 for every 1,000 pageviews, which worked out at a total of $2911.78 just from Ezoic ads for one month.

On Ezoic, you will be eligible to be paid after you have filled out your payment preferences and your tax information or you’ve earned at least $20 in the previous earning. Ezoic pays on the last day of each month. I mean it when I say Ezoic is much more profitable than AdSense. Remember that you can double and even triple earnings.

Ezoic pay per 1,000 views depends on your blog niche and where traffic is coming from. Traffic from USA pays $0.30 to $10 per 1,000 views. In terms of licks, each click generates $0.10 to $100. Generally, Ezoic pays better than AdSense especially if a blog is an authority in its niche.

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