Does a tv use more electricity than a light bulb?

Rudolph Feest asked a question: Does a tv use more electricity than a light bulb?
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TV Power Consumption vs. A Light Bulb: Who Wins? In terms of sheer power consumption, these 65-inch LED TVs tend to use 100 watts or more when they're switched on… Plus, if you still use incandescent bulbs (switch to LEDs ASAP if you do), 2 – 3 will use more electricity than most TVs over the course of the year.


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Now as you have not specified the running time of both the bulb so we can’t judge which bulb will consume more electricity. but for example if you are running both the bulbs for 2hrs. Then energy consumed for 100 watt will be 200 wh or 0.2 kwh. and for 60 watt will be 120 wh or 0.12 kwh.

Best Answer. Copy. A 100 watt light bulb draws a little less than one amp. Arefrigerator draws much more when compressor is running. The dutycycle of the light and refrigerator will ultimately ...

Compared to an LED TV, a 60-watt incandescent lightbulb that produces 800 lumens working for 5 hours a day with an average electricity rate of.12 cents per kWh will cost $13.14 to run all year. That’s slightly cheaper than running your LED TV all year (and a lot less fun).

AMS says its new Digital Ambient Light Sensor technology and smart LED (light-emitting diode) drivers can be put into a TV that uses 50 percent less energy than standard 42-inch TVs. It also...

Size: On the other hand, the most efficient televisions on the market use far less power, as low as 15 watts for a 15-inch LED-lit screen, which brings your daily costs down to a negligible number. A more typical example might be a 30-inch LED, which weighs in at about 50 watts.

"The 60-watt incandescent light bulb uses about the same energy as one of the better LED HD 37-inch TVs; that means they cost about the same when turned on.

Since an electric space heater works to provide heat quickly, it consumes much more electricity than a TV. If you use a space heater regularly, you could see a hefty hike in your electricity bill. Space heaters should generally only be used if you want to heat one small area instead of several spaces. Source: U.S. Department of Energy

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