Do you pay for clicks on twitter ads?

Alvera Veum asked a question: Do you pay for clicks on twitter ads?
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  • You only pay for clicks on the link in your ad. Impressions that don't result in a link click and organic traffic from logged-in Twitter users are free. The cost you pay per link click depends on the budget and bid you set for your campaign, as well as the targeting you select.

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What you will be charged for depends on the campaign objective and ad group goal you choose. Each campaign objective and ad group goal combination has a different billable action, and you’re only charged when that action occurs. In other words, billable actions are what you pay for. For example, when you choose the website clicks objective, you will only be charged when someone clicks the link to your website.

In a website clicks campaign, you only pay when people click on your link. We recommend using target bid so that your campaign will auto-optimize your bids to achieve a daily average cost-per-click that meets or beats your defined target cost.. You will never be charged more than what your bid is set at, and once your budget is reached, your campaign will automatically stop serving.

Go to and click on your account name in the top-right corner. Select "Payment methods" in the drop-down menu. Navigate to the "Payments" page where all of your credit card information is stored.

First you will choose whether to pay when someone tweets your message or when someone clicks on the link in a tweeted message. Then you will enter: Your tweet instructions (ie. what you want the person to tweet),

Cost Per Click /Cost Per Action: When you’re paying for billable actions like click-throughs, followers, or app downloads, you’ll want to know how much this costs you on average to manage your budget. What Should You Spend on Twitter Ads? There’s no set amount that you should spend on Twitter.

If you choose automatic bidding, Twitter will definitely help you win ad auctions, but potentially at a higher price than you’d like to pay. Try starting with a low maximum bid like $0.50 per click, then raise it gradually if your ads aren’t being delivered (though this figure will vary depending on who you are and what you’re advertising).

There’s no minimum budget to advertise on Twitter, so Twitter ads cost as much or as little as you like. The budget you set on this screen is the total amount you’re willing to pay. Once you’ve made your selections, click Next. 3.

You get to choose ads from thousands of advertisers, and you get to schedule the time the advertisement will be tweeted from your account. You can earn as much as $0.42 per click, and you can get a payout weekly.

Twitter engagement rates are surprisingly low. The average tweeter has an engagement rate of only 0.5 - 1.0%. Twitter engagement is defined as including any Likes, Retweets, Replies, @mentions, Follows, Profile clicks, Permalink clicks, Tweet expansion clicks, and Link clicks.

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