Do you need a website for adsense?

Aaliyah McLaughlin asked a question: Do you need a website for adsense?
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Signing Up for AdSense

Google requires anyone who wants to participate in the AdSense program to have a website, and also checks the websites of participating publishers to make sure they comply with the guidelines set out by Google.

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How to monetize your website with google adsense and…

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Yes, You do have a website or blog in order to eligible for AdSense. AdSense is a pay per click program and need a website to show ads. You can also use free platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc to apply for AdSense. However, I would prefer you to use self hosted WordPress blog.

If you use a product like Blogger or YouTube (or another AdSense host partner), you can sign up for a hosted AdSense account. Note that to be eligible, you must meet certain eligibility...

But, to earn money from Google AdSense, you will require a website or blog and an approved Adsense account. Once you get the AdSense account approved, you can start showing ads on your site and make money online without investment. But what if, you don’t own a website.

Generally, don't try to build a site just for Adsense. Build a site if you have something unique to share with people. Keep creating original posts with your own images, if possible, and monitor...

According to Google’s terms and conditions, which pretty much no one has ever read in the history of the planet, in order to be eligible to use AdSense, you need to be over the age of 18. This is annoying for those precocious 16 year olds who make a hit site and have no way to monetize it, I guess?

Any website owner can use Google AdSense. And since monetizing your website using AdSense is one of the best ways to make money online, all website owners should consider this free service. But there are some types of websites that consistently do better than others.

Before you get started, you need to have an existing website. You can’t apply for AdSense on a hypothetical or future site. So for those of you who are in the process of creating a new website or have an “under construction” landing page, you need to hold off before applying. If you’re at this stage, I have a few guides that can help you out:

What You Need For Adsense Domination Get Some Hosting And a REAL Domain.. One thing you need is a real domain. Domains like just simply... Finding a Clean Theme. This could make or break your Adsense website. The aim of this site is to have all focus on the... Building The Beast…

Below are the requirements you need to adhere to before signing up to AdSense. You need to be at least 18 years old. You need to have an active Gmail account that isn’t linked to an AdSense account. You need to have a website, and that website needs to meet all of Google’s terms of service.

If you want to get Google Adsense, you need a domain. Such as dot com, in, org, You can also get Google Adsense Approval from Google’s product on, but it takes a while(min-six months).

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