Do video ads perform better facebook?

Ernie Hills asked a question: Do video ads perform better facebook?
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Facebook video ads vs facebook image ads – which is best?

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Videos are better for driving Facebook views, engagement (Likes and comments) but images are actually better for clicks. People will watch videos and spend more time watching your ads but images are more easily scannable.

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How long should you run a facebook ad for?

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The first question we set out to answer was: do videos really perform better than images in Facebook ads? The answer: it really depends on the video or image! Test 1: Video vs. Blog Post Meta-Image

Do Video Ads Perform Better on Facebook? So, we asked 26 marketers whether they use video or text-based most often. The results were (almost) evenly split, as 52% of the marketers who responded say they leverage video more so than images, and the remaining 48% said the opposite.

Facebook video ads receive 10 to 30 percent more views, and populate up to 11 times larger in news feeds. A short and sweet, yet relevant video is more impactful and more memorable. Video is also more likely to be shared—then say an image ad featuring your five top selling bottles of wine.

With that in mind, today we want to share 5 reasons why Facebook video ads are better than still image ads. Videos Allow You To Disseminate Much More Information Than Still Image Ads Running a video ad gives you one supreme advantage you cannot pull off with image ads.

The internet seems to believe video ads work better on Facebook than images, but is that true? Both mediums have their merits, sure, but in our experience, video tends to perform better. We decided to run an experiment to test this assumption.

It Depends on Your Goal. To help advertisers understand how sequencing different ad formats (like photo and video) affects campaign results, the Facebook Marketing Science team tested ad format combinations by campaign goal, and the results are in. In the latest Facebook IQ report, find out which ad formats and sequences work best for different ...

In almost every case, video ads under 5 minutes perform much better than their longer counterpart. Data from Facebook Business has actually shown that viewership declines with the length of the ad across all their video ad channels.” < 30 seconds

9 votes for Facebook image ad 3 votes for Facebook carousel ad So AdEspresso prediction was for video ads to perform the best. As well as cost per lead we could also log the number of clicks, the cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM), the amount of engagement and the number of video views to build up a wider picture of how the ads performed.

Marketers agree – Facebook video ads have higher ROI, and numbers show that native videos have the highest organic reach of all types of content on the social network. Facebook itself insists heavily relying on video content is on its way to becoming a massive trend on the platform.

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