Do people listen to radio ads?

Caroline Turcotte asked a question: Do people listen to radio ads?
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The best radio advertising in the world 2016

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59% of Americans Listen to the Radio Everyday

This clearly points to the fact that your ad would be listened to by more than half of the population. With this kind of publicity, your brand awareness and sales would definitely skyrocket.

93% of adults listen to the radio each week, compared to 87% who watch TV. The wide variety of radio formats is a dream for advertisers because radio is so targetable. In essence, your reach is the sum total of the listenership on each station you place ads on. There will be some variances in day-parts.

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Webinar: how to write radio ads people will actually listen to

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As van Dijk accurately points out, “people do not listen to radio ads, they listen to what interests them… sometimes it’s a radio ad”.

Even though competitors like to portray radio as an aging technology, the reality is radio advertising remains an effective tool for reaching consumers in today’s fragmented media landscape. Extensive research by the Radio Advertising Bureau reveals a robust weekly audience of radio listeners.

In order to show how far-reaching radio advertising remains, here are 5 must know radio advertising statistics: 1. 92% of Americans Listen to the Radio Every Week. Statistics have shown that 92% of Americans above age 12 listen to the radio every week. This implies that the radio gets to over 240 million people. Furthermore, the ease with which individuals have access to the radio helps to boost listening.

This makes it a lot easier to engage with an audience. Radio ads reach enormous listening numbers, last year it was recorded that Heart FM received 8.96 million listeners a week – that’s almost double the number of recorded viewers watching X-Factor on a Saturday night.

A: Most radio stations will allow you to run an ad that you have created in the studios of other stations, but you should get permission to do so in advance. Preferably, you should get this permission when you are still negotiating your deal with the radio station for advertising rates.

Radio Ads Are Effective Nielsen Research claims that over 90% of Americans listen to the radio each week. Peak advertising times are during the morning and even commute during the week, and depending on where you are located, the lamented rush hour can be a good thing for your business as more listeners tune in for longer periods of time.

This makes radio very advertiser-friendly. In modern times when people favour subscription services where they won’t encounter advertisements, radio is the medium that will not only allow advertisers to reach large audiences but target them when they’re out and closest to retailers. 3. Radio is Free.

Edison Research’s Infinite Dial report found that 33% of adults 55+ listen online. And, radio advertising shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s actually predicted to increase in the coming years. PwC’s latest annual Global Entertainment & Media Outlook report projects online and offline media advertising markets through 2022. They project that “the radio ad market will increase from $17.7 billion this year to $18.4 billion in 2022,” and that the advertising of the online ...

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