Do i need roku if i have a smart tv?

Dawn Bednar asked a question: Do i need roku if i have a smart tv?
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Roku allows you to watch paid and free content from the Internet such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, YouTube, and many other streaming services, on your TV… If you already have a “smart TV”, you might not need a Roku.

If you already have a “smart TV”, you might not need a Roku. Your smart TV already does a lot of what the Roku does. Most current Roku models only have HDMI output, so they won't work with an old tube-type TV. The exception is the Roku Express+ 2018 edition, which has composite video outputs in addition to HDMI.

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Do I need Roku if I have a smart TV? While you don’t need Roku if you have a smart TV, when compared to a standard smart TV, Roku has: more content options, an easier menu to navigate and manage, a better remote, faster and smoother load times, more frequent updates, and less garbage or “throwaway” apps!

You do not need a Roku Streaming Stick if you have a Smart TV that offers a wide range of features. Depending on the brand of your Smart TV, you’ll have a variety of apps and functionality, some Smart TVs allow you to download applications, others allow you to bootload APKs and others don’t allow you to do anything at all.

Still asking, “Do I need a Roku if I have a Smart TV?” Hopefully not at this point. But just to sum up…if you have a Smart TV with Roku or Fire TV built-in, you’re good to go with streaming just about all of the content you might want.

So if you have a Smart TV, then why would you need a Roku account? After all, there are lots of things you can do with a Smart TV, whether you have Roku channels or not. You don’t need a Roku app to get basic TV services. You can select TV shows and movies from video on demand (VoD) services, and you can subscribe to live television channels.

NO, you do not need a Roku on a smart tv. Smart tv’s come with a set of programs like netflix. A Roku would add channels you do not have on the tv, but so would a firestick or an apple type of unit 929 views

In this post, we will answer why do you need a streaming device. The answer depends on if you have a newer TV and what kind of programming demands you have. A separate streaming media player is always faster, easier to navigate and update apps compared to a smart tv. It has fewer bugs and will give you more TV selection options.

2) Roku TV But, if you want to stick with upgrading to a TV, then you’ll definitely want to look out for a Roku TV — a Roku TV is essentially a Smart TV, but one that uses Roku’s software ...

Top TV makers may be capable of delivering a great-looking picture, but if you've ever struggled to dig through a TV's menus just to make a slight adjustment, you know these companies often...

Re: 3rd tv that is not a smart tv @Zcar46 Generally, all the newer Roku devices need to be connected to a TV that has an HDMI port. Now, there are some older models like the Express+ 3710 and 3910 that had composite cables (those RCA plugs type that went into Video and Audio ports) that you can still find on Ebay and probably Amazon.

What does Roku do that a smart TV doesn t? Simply put, Roku allows you to watch free and paid video content on your TV via the Internet. TV and movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, ... What Internet speed do I need for Roku? In general, the faster your Internet connection, the better the video quality.

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