Can you run facebook ads for an etsy shop?

Marquis Swaniawski asked a question: Can you run facebook ads for an etsy shop?
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Video answer: Step by step facebook ads tutorial selling etsy shop for…

Step by step facebook ads tutorial selling etsy shop for…

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You can use Facebook's paid ad service by either creating a new Facebook ad or boosting an existing post… If you're curious about paid ads but not sure how they will work for your business, start with a small budget. You can start a Facebook ad campaign right from your Shop Manager.

Video answer: I tried selling the same products using etsy ads vs facebook ads

I tried selling the same products using etsy ads vs facebook ads

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I Just tried the Facebook paid ads to boost views and sales to my Etsy shop. I just started this week and have received a lot of likes and many more views in my Etsy shop from facebook. It is not too expensive and I have created a Facebook 10% Off coupon for people who find my Etsy shop from Facebook.

Then, Facebook shows your ad to those similar people. You can see why lookalike audiences are so powerful! 4:50 – Womp, Womp. A Few Bummers! With Etsy, you can’t directly track how people get to your shop. (Although, following our advice, she sent people to a page on her blog and then redirected to her Etsy shop.)

Facebook Ads. I started by spending $2000 on a course (by a HUGELY famous self-proclaimed Facebook millionaire) so I could teach myself to be a hardcore Facebook Guru. I spent WEEKS perfecting my Facebook ad copy and images…testing them for optimal conversions, and making sure that I was seeing regular, predictable patterns of clicks.

Etsy now supports the Facebook Pixel which enables sellers to run Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your store based on your visitor data. As a store owner, with the Pixel, you can use the same retargeting options available to Shopify and other online sellers. So, yes, the potential customer who visited and left your store without making a purchase?

Even if you already have a personal Facebook account, you should set up a dedicated business page to represent your Etsy shop. This gives you access to Facebook’s analytics tools and looks more professional. Don’t forget to add a link to your Etsy shop on your Facebook business page (and add a link to your Facebook page on your Etsy shop!). Highlight your listings. When you share a listing on Facebook, readers can click through directly to your items.

For $10 a month you can get: Better shop customization and templates; Save 50% on a custom web address to send to customers; Create an email list of your customers and reach out to them with special sales or updates; You can receive 15 listing credits and $5.00 credits in Etsy Ads monthly; You don’t have to use Etsy Plus to start your shop – and can upgrade at any time.

How to set up Etsy Ads. To set up Etsy Ads: On, click Shop Manager. Click Marketing. Click Advertising. Set your daily budget. This should be the maximum amount you're willing to spend to advertise your items per day. The default minimum daily budget is $1.00. Remember that you can change your budget at any time.

Once you hit the $10,000 USD threshold, you are no longer permitted to opt out of Offsite Ads, prior opt outs while under the $10,000 USD threshold no longer apply, and Etsy may promote your listings or shops under the Offsite Ads program on third-party platforms in our sole discretion, even if you fall below the $10,000 USD threshold at a later date.

Test several ads and see which ad works the best. You can also run ads for clicks to your website. I would not send people to your Etsy shop only a website. Those clicks will cost you about $2 per click. If you are spending over $3 per click you are probably doing something wrong.

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own. You landed here because you’re a good entrepreneur who is doing a bit of research before starting an Etsy shop! And possibly you want to know how to make extra money at home.. Etsy was my gateway platform into the e-commerce world, but there are some things I wish I knew before selling on Etsy, and I wanted to share those things with you today.

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Set up facebook/instagram shop with etsy/shopify