Can you rewind an ad on youtube?

Zachariah Goodwin asked a question: Can you rewind an ad on youtube?
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Ads on YouTube can't be rewinding because it is manual. Instead you can search for that ad and see it as you wish.

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Because rewinding an add is the same reverse feature as fast forwarding it, which may lead viewers to skip the ads. And also if the viewer takes it back but YouTube doesn't let you fast forward then you will have to watch it again. 692 views

Nope. I can tell you that much for sure. I mainly watch gaming videos, some science mixed in here and there, and cartoon reviews (mainly Steven Universe and MLP:FiM). There's no way the ad system would play that for me and I'm not interested in soap operas (or whatever it is), so I'd skip it anyways

Quick Tip: Fast Forward & Rewind in YouTubeThis works Mobile Devices or Touch ScreensYou can use the scrubber on bottom and slide, but it’s not easy to get t...

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It can take YouTube over a month to review your application. Once you’ve been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you can start adding external links to your end-screen cards and monetize your YouTube channel. For whatever reason, if your application is rejected, you can re-apply again after 30 days. 2.

I found the resolution is to press the up down buttons on the navigation button and highlight the red time bar, then you can use the left of right button on the navigation button to rewind or fast forward.

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